Astove Atoll, Seychelles

A unique atoll, fishing only six rods

Wild, rugged and remote, Astove atoll offers six anglers the unique opportunity to exclusively fish an outer atoll. Astove is land based, using the rebuilt original Coral House. Leisure guests can relax and enjoy Astove’s snorkelling or make use of the kayaks and paddle boards on the island.

A unique atoll, wild and remote

Astove Atoll has become synonymous with catching the biggest GTs in the Indian Ocean. They don’t come along often but when they do, can be big. Very big. It’s shallow lagoon, with one small entrance that is surrounded by sheer drop-offs is truly unique. This lagoon is a sanctuary for juvenile fish that are often preyed on by the bigger species and it’s this attraction that makes it one of the most extraordinary fly fishing destinations on this planet. Not only does Astove have big GTs but also bonefish, permit, barracuda, milkfish, bluefin trevally, triggerfish, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, wahoo, sailfish and marlin. It is a world filled with colour, where the daily dramas of a pristine ecosystem play out in front of your very eyes, a rare exclusive opportunity and privilege to gaze into a world, which has changed very little in the years that have passed. The “Wall” which runs the entire length of the Western side of the atoll drops off to over a 1000 meters within a few hundred meters from shore. It’s an amazing place that is teeming with both pelagic and resident fish species. Jacques Cousteau made this incredible place famous in 1956 when he filmed part of “The Silent World” along its edge. The atoll is equipped with four skiffs that have been specifically designed for fly fishing Astove and are skippered by its experienced guide team. Th

The original Coral House, personal and simple

Originally a coconut and sisal plantation, Astove has been abandoned as a commercial enterprise since the 1980s. Accommodation on Astove is in the original “Coral House” which was refurbished in 2015. The lodge offers single rooms, air-conditioning and ensuite bathrooms while retaining some of the heart and soul of the original building. Rooms are clean and comfortable offering the angler everything they would need for a week. While there is no phone signal on the island, there is wi-fi and satellite phone should you need to contact the outside world.

“If you get the chance to fish this atoll you will be blown away by the sheer number of fish but be prepared for the GTs! I hope I have the chance to go back.” D.A. – London 

Adventure awaits

Astove Atoll is situated 570 nautical miles SW of Mahé and 19 nautical miles away from Cosmoledo Atoll. Guests fly into Mahé Island, Seychelles the night before as the island flight leaves too early to connect with international arrials. A standard package includes the 3 hour return charter flights between Mahé and Astove. Astove is part of the Aldabra group of islands in the Seychelles that are home to some of the finest wildlife and flats fishing anywhere on the globe. Just getting to Astove is an adventure in itself.

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