Christmas Island Lodge, Republic of Kiribati

Supreme saltwater fly fishing

Christmas (Kiritimati) Island is widely regarded as one of the most exciting saltwater flats fisheries in the world. Along with its famous bonefishing opportunities, anglers can target giant trevally, bluefin trevally, triggerfish, milkfish and endless species of reef fish year-round. 

Multi species flats fishing adventures 

Sight fishing to bonefish on Christmas Island is exceptional. There are huge numbers of bonefish that call the island home, and the endless flats make for limitless opportunities. When the tides are right in the inner lagoon, the flats are teeming with bonefish ready to take the fly. The average size fish is around three pounds, with five to seven pound fish common. If you wait for the right fish, there are good chances for shots at fish up to ten pounds.

Many fishermen will come eager to target giant trevally and the guides will always carry a 12# rod rigged and ready in case the opportunity presents itself. These supercharged, aggressive fish beloved by seasoned anglers are wily adversaries and you may only get one shot a day, but the excitement will keep you coming back for more. Colourful and hard fighting triggerfish have become guest favourites and you are likely to have many shots a day at these tough fish. Bluefin and golden trevally are also common on the Christmas Island – either cruising the flats or hanging off the edges.

While the weather pattern is settled all year, tides have a significant impact on the fishing. Spring tides present the biggest fluctuation in tidal swings are ideal for targeting giant trevally while Neap tides result in less rise and fall of water depth creating perfect conditions for bonefishing and wading the inner lagoon flats.

Perfectly located ocean front lodge 

The recently refurbished Christmas Island Lodge enjoys a private setting on a 20-acre beach front with direct access to the surf. The four private oceanside bungalows are built of coral stone with traditional thatched roofs. Each bungalow comprises two suites with a fridge, air-conditioning and en-suite bathroom. With a maximum of eight fishermen at any one time the lodge exudes a relaxed, small group atmosphere. There’s the chance to recount the day’s adventures over cocktails and appetizers in the traditional open air maneaba (local gathering place) while listening to the waves rolling onto the beach only a few steps away.

Fly fisher’s paradise in the Pacific Ocean 

Kiritimati is the largest coral atoll in the world. Better known to anglers as Christmas Island, this remote spot sits roughly 1300 miles south of Honolulu and is one of 33 islands that make up the tiny island Republic of Kiribati. Although largely undeveloped, local culture and life are noticeable across the landscape. Copra, (dried coconut pulp) used to make coconut oil, is the main export but there are examples of a fascinating history too as the base of operations for British and American military during the Cold War. Although most visitors come to fish, there are a few other activities such as birding, snorkelling, and surfing to enjoy. It’s also possible to arrange a relics and cultural/community tour. Access is via weekly flights from either Hawaii or Fiji and it’s a ten minute ride from the tiny island airport to the lodge. 

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