Estancia Maria Behety, Lodge

Fly Fishing in Argentina

Estancia Maria Behety encompasses some 495 square miles of cattle and sheep grazing land, equating to approximately 275,000 acres. This historic ranch once encompassed the majority of the entire island of Tierra del Fuego and its fences still surround hundreds of thousands of acres. All of these pampas border the northern bank of the Rio Grande.

Amazing sea trout fishing on the middle and lower Rio Grande

Anglers at Estancia Maria Behety rotate through the premier pools of the lower and middle beats of the river, which have historically been the most prolific. These are all found within the massive border of the estancia just a stone’s throw away from the lodge. Each two anglers are assigned a guide and vehicle. No more than 12 anglers will fish the premier pools of the lower and middle Rio Grande from the Estancia Maria Behety.

These pools fill with chrome bright, sea-lice covered sea trout with each high tide, twice a day. The pools are absolutely perfect for anglers who enjoy fishing double handed rods with the best of the fishing usually in the morning, late afternoon and evening until dusk. There are six guides on the river, all of whom are superb and have excellent grasp of English.

“The history of this place alone makes it worth visiting, but the sea trout make it a must. Didn’t get my 20lb’er, but got several up to 18lbs.” C. Walter, London.

A distinctive lodge, well appointed

The distinctive architecture of the historic turn of the century ranches of Tierra del Fuego is incorporated in the design of the lodge. The view from the living room is a breathtaking panorama encompassing the river valley and the remnants of the Andean cordillera to the west.

The lodge is limited to only 12 anglers for each of the 14 weeks of the season. There are eight rooms for the 12 rods, all rooms are en-suite and there is a professional manager to help with everything in the lodge as well a top class chef.

At Estancia Maria Behety you will enjoy luxurious accommodation, excellent meals, the finest Argentine wines and one of the best fly fishing experiences in the world. In addition to all of that, at Estancia Maria Behety there is a magnificent sitting room with a roaring log fire, dining room and a bar that holds some of the 20,000 bottles of wine from La Villa de Estancia Maria Behety’s wine cellar.

One of finest fishing destinations

From its promontory nearly 18 miles from the estancia entrance, Estancia Maria Behety Lodge is within minutes of more than 100 of the finest pools on the river. The Rio Grande is arguably the finest fishing destination in the world in terms of reliability and the remarkable average size of fish. With one of the most comfortable fishing lodges yet built, Estancia Maria Behety should be a fishery at the top of every fisherman’s wish list.

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