Varzina – Salmon Lodge

Gin-clear water and pristine surroundings

The Varzina River rises in the tundra in the north of the Kola Peninsula. Originating in the Lake Yenozero it flows for 35km (20 miles) before reaching the Barents Sea. In the middle of this rugged beauty sits one of the finest salmon fishing locations in Russia; the Varzina River Lodge.The landscape around the Varzina is a true untouched wilderness. Gin-clear water and pristine surroundings combined with first class fishing make for a truly memorable trip to the Varzina.

Untouched, gin clear water offer world class salmon fishing

Given the short length of the river, Atlantic salmon run the whole length of the Varzina system, but the majority of the fishing is carried out on the numerous pools within five miles of the sea. These pools offer classic fly water with a pleasant mixture and blend of long glides, runs, riffles. Within a 24 km radius of the lodge are the most productive pools found on the Varzina.

Daily helicopter flights take fishermen to different pools to catch their salmon of a lifetime. Atlantic salmon are found in great numbers throughout the Varzina system and some of these fish are very large indeed, with Salmon up to 16 kg not unusual and larger specimens being recorded.

Log cabins on the river bank

Located four kilometers inland from the Barents Sea sits the Varzina Salmon Lodge. The main lodge building contains the gourmet kitchen, a spacious dining room and a fully supplied bar. It is also equipped with satellite TV and phone, fax, and e-mail facilities.

There is also a fly shop on the premises for those bits of tackle you forgot to pack. There are two separate saunas with hot showers available daily. Eight two-person cabins and a four-person cabin with its own sauna and a small living room make up the accommodation.

The lodge is equipped with electricity, hot/cold water and heating. As with all fishing on the Kola Peninsula, safety is paramount and all guides carry medical kits and radios, in addition there is also a doctor in the camp.

The Varzina River

The north-east coast of the Russian Kola Peninsula is a unique place. The cold waters of the Arctic Sea meet the stony coastal hills protecting the finest of the treasures of Kola, the last refuge of the large Atlantic salmon. The river water is clear as the wind of the tundra and the salmon big and plentiful. In the middle of this rugged beauty sits the finest salmon fishing camp in Russia, the Varzina River Lodge. The Varzina River Lodge harbours the fishing headquarters of the Varzina River Company. Within a radius of 24 kilometers from the lodge are some of the most productive fly pools ever fished. Daily helicopter flights take fishermen to different pools of Varzina and Penka rivers to catch the salmon of their lifetime. “Non plus ultra” says the Lodge guestbook. There is nothing better.

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