Golden Dorado River Cruiser

fishing for golden dorado in Argentina

The Golden Dorado River Cruiser is the only mothership programme in Argentina and is a new concept to the golden dorado scene in northern Argentina. The programme offers the opportunity to fish the Paraná River and the Entre Rios delta system like never before. With a total length of over 1,500 miles, The Paraná River is the second largest in South America and the hundreds of tributaries, deltas, marshlands, lagoons and side channels are full of unique flora and fauna.

The mothership travels through the Paraná River system to follow the migration of dorado during the season. Guests staying on the mothership will access the most remote waters, which hold unpressured dorado. Not only do these waters offer substantial numbers of golden dorado, but there are also pira pita, pacú and wolfish to target. Guests are picked up and driven from Buenos Aires to the mothership, allowing easy access to some of the world’s finest dorado fishing.

Golden Dorado Fishing

Golden dorado are the main target for anglers on the river cruiser. The vast populations of baitfish swimming through these waters provide the perfect food source for dorado. The mothership allows anglers to comfortably move with the dorado and adapt to the fishing conditions. Each day you will be fishing new water and will work different features, like runs, inlet/outlets of lagoons, small side channels and tributaries. Casting to structure, this is exciting and explosive fishing.

The boats have been recently built are are designed specifically for fly fishing. Two casting platforms allow comfortable casting and for two anglers to fish at the same time. Fishing with both spinner and fly is permitted.

Traditional comforts from a  liveaboard

The mothership is simple but very comfortable and provides all the amenities for a great fishing trip. Enjoy the best Argentinean food paired with a fine selection of renowned Argentinean wines. After dinner, reflect on the day of fishing in the mothership’s living area with a drink in hand or admire the views of the Paraná River from the boat’s veranda. Guests stay in the four double occupancy rooms – each has air conditioning, TV, private bathroom, comfortable beds and internet connection.

In addition to eating on board, some lunches and dinners can be enjoyed one of the many small beaches or sand bars along the river.

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