Excellent Fly fishing in Iceland

Hrútafjarðará is an excellent three rod river in the north of Iceland, approximately 180 kilometers from Reykjavik. This is an extremely attractive river as it runs from Holtavorduheidi down towards Hrutafjordur and full of stunning looking pools.

Catches have tended to be variable in the past, but the smolt-release work has made the river far more consistent. The average catch ranges between 400 and 600 (642 in 2009 – a new record), depending on water height during the summer.


Hrútafjarðará is fishable for 9 kilometers until the waterfall at Rettarfoss which is an excellent and one of the most famous pools in Hrútafjarðará. There is also fishing in Sika, a tributary of Hrútafjarðará where there is approximately 3 kilometers of challenging fishing in small canyons. Sika runs into Hrútafjarðará about 1 kilometer from the sea and creates a stunning junction pool.

There are 42 marked pools in Hrútafjarðará that are only fished on three rods. The river is relatively small, making it the perfect stage for some fantastic sight fishing for salmon with single handed rods and small flies. Hitching is a very effective style of fishing on the Hrútafjarðará, a method considered by many as the most entertaining form of salmon fishing. The lower river produces some excellent sea run char, many of them 3 to 7 lbs.


a comfortable Icelandic lodge

Hrútafjarðará’s comfortable lodge is close is situated adjacent to the lower pools. The interior was recently refurbished and comprises four bedrooms, sitting room with nice fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, a drying room for waders, and an extended veranda with a hot tub. Although sold as a self catering lodge it is possible to bring in a chef and guides.

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