Tarpon Town Lodge, Mexico

Fabulous tarpon fishing year round

Tarpon Town Lodge, in the heart of the historic district of Campeche, is a perfect base from which to explore the prolific tarpon fishing around the north east shore of the Bay of Campeche. This mangrove preserve holds tarpon in the weight range of five to 40lb with an average of 10 to 12lb. 

Varied fishing 

The different areas around the Bay of Campeche offer a range of casting opportunities, from targeting baby tarpon against the mangroves to patrolling offshore turtlegrass banks holding schools of packed juvenile tarpon. Campeche Bay is a shallow bank that runs 120 miles offshore with a smooth gradient going down about a foot per mile. There is no trace of the big tarpon migration in the 25 mile-to-coast range, but juveniles pack in great numbers nearby during the winter and spring, while baby tarpon populate the mangrove shore year round.  A typical day will show 50 to hundreds of tarpon. If 12 fish are jumped and two or three landed it should be considered a good day.

The fishing grounds can be divided into the offshore banks, located two to three miles offshore where you can expect long fish runs and many jumps. The mangrove coast produces plenty of fun with sight casting to cruising fish and blind casting to shaded slots. The creeks and inlets are freshwater streams that run out to the Gulf of Mexico but are flooded with saltwater tides making these channels a perfect shelter for fish.

Colonial style lodge in the heart of  historic downtown Campeche  

This old family home has been converted into a comfortable lodge comprising three double rooms accommodating up to six guests. Each room has two full size beds and an ample private bathroom. Guest can also enjoy two private courtyards with manicured gardens, pool, and comfortable patio chairs. There is WiFi throughout the lodge. Breakfast is served from 5am each morning, after which it is a seven minute ride to the dock where you meet your guide and waiting fishing skiff. After fishing you return to the lodge for poolside cocktails and snacks. 
Non angling companions can enjoy a variety of activities including tours to one of the many spectacular Mayan ruins, museums, and even Mayan cookery classes. 

Easily accessible 

Merida is the local airport and can be reached in around two hours from Houston or Miami. From here it’s just under two hours by road to the lodge. 

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