Saryu and Mahakali rivers, Himalaya, India

An unforgettable fly fishing adventure

The Himalayan Outback creates unforgettable fly fishing trips that take place in the beautiful Indian region of Uttarakhand in north-east India bordering Nepal. Anglers have the opportunity to catch a mighty golden mahseer.

Fishing edge of India and Nepal

The mahseer are one of the greatest and hardest fighting of all freshwater fish, a fish that can only truly be understood by catching one. For fly fisherman this is a tough challenge, with the largest mahseer seemingly unattainable and unstoppable on fly tackle.

Mahseer are omnivores; feeding on a variety of fish, insects, crustaceans and given the opportunity they will feed just as readily on figs and seeds. These pack hunters can sometimes be selective feeders; especially during clear and low conditions. Over the years the fishing methods have been finessed in order to tame these incredible fish, and the Himalayan Outback trip leads from the front on mahseer fishing techniques.

The Himalayan guides include some of the best-known in the region; they fish these rivers regularly through the year and have done for many years. This trip is for the most adventurous fishers but non-fishers are welcome as there are constantly new areas to explore and new sights to see.

The season focuses either side of the monsoon season. Prime fishing periods are; October and March to April. For more non-fishing orientated trips we recommend November, although the fishing is not at its prime the weather is consistent and viewing conditions are at their best.

Whether you are on a 10 day trip, fishing the Saryu River from base camp, on a 10 day float trip taking in the Saryu and Mahakali rivers or basing yourself on the edge of Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve to fish the Ramganga for mahseer you will be challenged and rewarded in equal measure; this is truly one of the world’s special places.

An incredible experience, from mountains to valleys

The accommodation on the river tour varies from expedition safari style tents, which are outfitted with British campaign style field furniture, bedside table, lamp and crisp linen to comfortable permanent chalets overlooking the river.

The team are dedicated to providing excellent customer service making the whole trip a comfortable experience from the minute you arrive to the time you check in to fly home. Non-fishing excursions can be made to several lodge options in and around the Jim Corbett National Park and elsewhere throughout the region.

Explore The Uttarakhand region

The Uttarakhand region is famous for its rich flora and fauna including the endangered Bengal tiger that thrives in this area thanks to the Jim Corbett National Park. Its rivers are equally revered, and home to golden mahseer, chocolate mahseer, snow trout and the might gnooch.

In the shadows of the Himalayas these trips search the waters of the Ramganga, Saryu and Mahakali rivers while experiencing the local culture of the relatively untouched part of India.

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