Miavana, Nosey Ankao, Madagascar

Luxury on remote, wild Nosy Ankao

Miavana is a luxurious lodge located on Nosy Ankao island, off the north-east of Madagascar. With wild beaches, incredible diving, fishing, helicopter adventures and a world class spa, it brings a new level of luxury adventure to the Indian Ocean.

Sandy channels, turtle grass and sand flats

Nosey Ankao is the largest of a five island archipelago with flats that are still largely unexplored and blue water fishing full of billfish potential. On this remote and untouched atoll, the discerning fly fisherman will walk the beaches and flats on the lookout for trevally species and barracuda.

Offshore, fly fishing or spinning and popping for the larger pelagic species will enable the anglers to target marlin, sailfish, barracuda and tuna.

Designed for nature lovers who enjoy the finer things in life

Strung out like beads along the western side of the island, Miavana has just 14 one, two and three bedroom villas. Reaching nearly 5,000 square feet in size, these palatial villas have been perfectly designed by Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens of Seychelles’ North Island and Zambia’s Chinzombo fame. They allow guests to step directly onto the powder-soft sand from their private decks to enjoy spectacular panoramic Indian Ocean sunsets extending to the far contours of mainland Madagascar. Every villa has its own kitchenette, lounge, private deck and pool overlooking the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Straight from your deck you can spend your time strolling along the white sand beaches, snorkelling or diving in gin clear waters. Jet skiing, blue water fishing, turtle, whale and dolphin watching are also on offer. Further afield, helicopter trips back to the mainland allow you to experience forest walks looking for Madagascar’s endemic lemurs.

For those just wanting to relax and unwind, there is a world-class spa offering an array of treatments.

The main lodge features a sweeping rock wall, a protection against the elements, a French garden, wine cellar dining areas and a chamber of “curiosities” full of some of the island’s most unusual finds.

‘The land in the forgotten sea’, a nature lovers island paradise

Situated off the south east coast of Africa, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. Some call Madagascar ‘the land in a forgotten sea’ but it is more akin to the land that time forgot. Developing in isolation, Madagascar is most widely known for its unique wildlife, and most notably the lemurs that are endemic to the island.

Sitting on the north west coast of Madagascar, Nosey Ankao which is the largest of five islands. These comprise a reef protected archipelago with Miavana at its heart.  

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