Thingvallavatn, Iceland

Monster wild brown trout

Imagine a lake that regularly produces wild brown trout from 7 – 9 lbs where fish over 20 lbs are not uncommon. That lake exists and it is less than a three hour flight from London. Thingvallavatn, or Lake Thingvellir, is Iceland’s largest lake and home to monster brown trout with a growing reputation amongst fly fishing circles.

Extraordinary battles and brown trout over 30 lbs

Due to numerous hot springs around Thingvallavatn there are certain parts where the water remains a constant 3 – 4 degrees centigrade. Here life flourishes and the brown trout have a huge quantity of naturally occurring food from midge to stickleback. Stories of extraordinary battles have gone down in folklore with some of the largest fish landed in excess of 30 lbs.

Fly fishing methods vary due to conditions but fish can be caught on dries, nymphs and streamers. For the largest fish spring has proven to be the best time, this is when the cannibalistic trout follow the Arctic char into the shallower water.

These fish will put the best tackle to the test, we recommend all anglers prepare good strong set ups with plenty of backing. Losing one of these monster trout due to an insufficient amount of line can be heart breaking.

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