Tsimane – Agua Negra Lodge

Jungle fishing for golden dorado on freestone rivers in Bolivia…

Golden Dorado Fishing Tsimane Lodge Bolivia. A fishing experience like no other. Fly fishing in the jungle on freestone rivers for golden dorado, pacu, yatorana and more. A breath-taking location and environment, where the rainforest meets the Andes. This really is a must-visit lodge and experience; the fishing and the location will leave you with lifelong memories.

Jungle fly fishing for dorado, pacu and more…

Due to the clarity of the water, sight fishing is often possible with floating lines being the order of the day to tempt the myriad of species these rivers are bestowed with.

Fishing is done by wet-wading, whilst the boat and guide is at hand to take you to the next likely spot. Beyond the amazing and unique fishing opportunities, the abundant wildlife, flora and fauna with its amazing hues, sounds and smells transform the experience into a trip that you will never forget.

Safari style tents with running water and electricity…

The Agua Negra Lodge experience is based from one comfortable jungle lodge. They offer safari-style double occupancy tent cabins on elevated wooden platforms. Each tent offers spring beds, private bathrooms with flush toilets, hot water and electric light.

Tsimane’s Agua Negra Lodge’ experience is based on a very comfortable jungle lodge. Each room features double accommodation. Agua Negra operates a lodge located in an unspoiled virgin area close to the junction of Agua Negra and Secure rivers. Agua Negra lodge and their out-camps are suited for no more than four anglers at a time.

The lodge offers comfortable tent cabins with spring based beds, private bathrooms with hot water and electric light. Every evening guest will enjoy International Cuisine paired in a well appointed living and dining room. Satellite Internet wireless connection and phone service is available.

In the middle of the jungle, where the Andes and the rainforest meet…

Nestled between the Andes and the rainforest run crystal clear streams teeming with life, seemingly untouched and unmolested by the hand of man. Within this fish-rich waters lurk marauding dorado, which will test both angler and tackle to their limits.

Tsimane is set around 200 km from La Paz and 470 km from Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Tsimane is set within an Indigenous Territory as well as a National Park named TIPNIS (Isiboro-Secure Indigenous Territory and National Park), located in a very remote and virginal area within the Bolivian Amazon. The landscape is unique. The rivers fished are the headwaters of some tributaries of the Amazon River — shallow, clear transparent waters running downstream through the mountain and across the rainforest. It is actually one of the most raw and natural environments on earth.

All in all, this is a fly-fishers playground and one that you are unlikely to forget for a very long time. A must visit location and we are confident you will return for more.

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