Intricate Bay Lodge

a prime location on Bristol Bay

Intricate Bay Lodge is nestled in a prime location on Bristol Bay. Most lodges in the region require daily fly-out because they are not situated near good local fishing. When the weather turns, this can be a serious drawback. By contrast, the home waters of Intricate Bay Lodge include two world-class rivers: the Copper and the Gibraltar.

Epic fly fishing on a variety of rivers 

Not only is the fishing excellent nearby, but the location is also very close to many “fly-out” rivers, and that means shorter flights. Anglers staying here can reach many rivers and streams of Katmai National Park including the Moraine, Funnel, Battle, and American rivers, and also Kvichak River, New Halen River and Talarik River.

Of course, the Copper and Gibraltar are the most famous, especially when targeting big rainbow trout, but with access to plenty of other water, fishermen staying at Intricate Bay Lodge can also target species like Arctic char, grayling, lake trout, pike, and Pacific salmon.

Early season conditions can vary depending upon the “size” of the previous winter. Coming out of their winter dormancy and spawning period, the rainbows are anxious to fill their empty bellies. A favourite style of fishing this time of year is sight-fishing for large trout, using dry flies and mouse patterns.

Early July produces epic days of dry fly fishing. Historically, by the second week of July, the largest sockeye salmon runs found anywhere in the world occur in this region. Nymphs and streamers can be productive during July, with many of the larger fish taken on bugger and sculpin patterns. Sockeye salmon start to spawn, leaving a scent in the water that ignites voracious rainbow trout.

As the spawning accelerates throughout August, more and more food invites brutish, big-shouldered rainbows from Lake Iliamna to stack up in the rivers, presenting anglers with the best chance of the year for a true trophy. As if that wasn’t enough line-ripping excitement, this is also silver salmon time, with the run beginning in early August and finishing in September. September is probably the best month in  Alaska to really go after trophy trout. While the weather can be challenging, this is when the largest numbers of big lake rainbows come into area rivers.

The fish know this is their last chance to pack on weight for the long winter ahead. The rainbows are still extremely aggressive toward salmon eggs and will chase a flesh fly with reckless abandon. In fact, they are willing to gorge themselves on just about anything you pass in front of them.


“IBL has excellent guides and a great chef (5 star dinners). IBL is very comfortable, clean, and functions well as a remote Lodge. My wife and I have fished IBL three times, three different years, at different times of the year targeting different fish. We have never been disappointed and on occasion IBL has exceeded our expectation. I highly recommend IBL for any fly fishing person regardless of skill level. Brian and company will do whatever it takes to provide the Alaskan Fishing experience so often written about.” B.J. – US

Marvel at magnificent views

At Intricate Bay Lodge you will experience unrivalled personal service along with all the amenities you’d expect in a fine hotel: WiFi, satellite TV and spacious bedrooms. 

Singles can have a private room, while couples can get a room with en-suite bathroom. Despite its remote location, the lodge has 24-hour electricity, courtesy of an eco-friendly inverter system that reduces generator use.

Share fishing stories on the deck that, for once, require no embellishment. Marvel at the magnificent view of the sun setting over Lake Iliamna while enjoying cocktails and appetizers. Weekly barbecues are held on the deck, with propane heaters to keep you cozy. Move to the dining room and savour a delicious meal prepared by the full time, professional chef.

When you’re finished, tie a few flies on the well-equipped bench, locate tomorrow’s secret spot on the big wall map or retire to the spacious common room, sink into a comfortable chair and swap stories with friends new and old. 

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