Grjota, Char fishing, Iceland

Fish within hours of arriving in Iceland

Amid the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, the Grjota River is an upper tributary to the famous Hitara River, offering an enchanting haven for fly fishing enthusiasts seeking the elusive Arctic Char. With its pristine waters and rugged surroundings, this remote destination beckons anglers to chase the prolific char that inhabit this section of the river. The Grjota River’s crystal-clear currents and abundance of Arctic Char provide an exhilarating challenge and an opportunity to connect with nature in a truly serene and untouched setting.

Exciting fishing with the chance of large char and the occasional salmon

The Grjota beat on the upper Hitara is approximately 25 km in length and is fished by only two rods. The river resembles a Scottish highlands stream and you will find an abundance of Arctic char along with a few bonus salmon that make it up to the upper stretches. With all this water to choose from you can enjoy exploring the river and bouncing from hotspot to hotspot. In amongst some typically stretches of flowing pools there are small pockets and pools providing ideal holding water for char and salmon.

Self catering cabin

This stretch of the river boasts its own self-catering lodge, recently renovated to accommodate four anglers in two twin rooms. The lodge offers a shared bathroom, a cozy open-plan kitchen, and dining area, all powered by mains electricity. Accessible by a 4×4 vehicle, it resides in splendid remoteness, a characteristic that defines its charm. The surroundings exhibit the rugged and untamed beauty quintessential to Iceland. To determine if this lodge and fishing experience align with your preferences, one needs only to sense its essence. For those seeking a blend of wilderness and convenience, the Hitara II section can complement the amenities of the main lodge while retaining the untamed allure of this area.


The Hitara is aproximately a 90 minute drive from Reykjavik and then the Grjota lodge is some 25 minutes from the main road.

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