Brunná, Iceland

River Brunná in Öxarfjordur is a gin clear Arctic char and sea trout river on the north east coast of Iceland. The spectacular Brunná flows through wonderful surroundings, offering some beautifully diverse areas. The river flows through brushwood country and at its lower reaches it combines with a branch of the glacier river Jokulsá.

Excellent Arctic char and brown trout fishing

The angling season for Brunná begins in April with the sea run and brown trout as the main catch. From the middle of June to the end of season in October, Arctic char and brown trout are for the most part the main catch. The sea run char starts its journey up Brunná in early June. Sea run trout arrive towards the end of August. It is believed by the locals that the sea run trout in Brunná arrive when the mountain tops have turned white, the clear indication of changing temperature.

This lovely gin clear river holds many beautiful fishing spots and stands apart from others in the region for the fact that it runs crystal clear most of its way to sea. It is only when it meets a branch of the river Jökulsá, carrying its grey coloured glacier sludge, that the clarity diminishes.

The Brunná fishes two rods from April 1st to June 10th, after which is fishes three rods.

Relaxed lodge

Accommodation for six to eight anglers is in a relaxed lodge. Walking distance from the fishing lodge is a tourist service area called Lundur. Not far away is also a small grocery shop. In the Lundur area one can also find a geothermal outdoor swimming pool.

Remote Icelandic setting

Brunna is in north east Iceland, approximately two hours’ drive from Akureyi Airport.

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