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Chalkstream Fly Fishing Brochure 2020

This Publication Includes

The 2020 chalkstream brochure highlights the different rivers and the contrasts between them in the south of England. It also looks at the different day trips and courses that we can offer for experienced and first-time anglers alike. If you have ever considered fishing on Halford’s River Test, casting a Skues nymph on the River Itchen or catching a wild brown trout on Sawyer’s Pheasant Tail on the River Avon then take a look inside our chalkstream brochure.

Iceland 2020

This Publication Includes

Introducing the best of our Iceland salmon, trout and sea trout fly fishing portfolio for the 2020 season.

Argentina; Kau Tapen Trip Report – Feb 2020

This Publication Includes

In 2020 Steffan Jones revisited Kau Tapen Lodge situated on the famous Rio Grande in Argentina. Widely considered the best sea trout river in the world, the groups hopes and expectations were certainly set on finding some large fish. Travelling in February, Steffan and the group were able to escape the northern hemisphere winter and set off in search of marginally warmer conditions, big fish and fine wine. His base for the week was the excellent Kau Tapen Lodge, from where the group could explore the wonderful waters on the Rio Grande and Rio Menendez. View Steffan’s full trip report and images here.

Iceland; Laxa I Kjos Trip Report – July 2019

This Publication Includes

In the 2019 summer, Peter led a team to the Laxa I Kjos river in Iceland to fish for salmon. With the West coast of Iceland experiencing some of the lowest water in many years, they were fully aware the conditions were going to be against them. However, with the hardwork of the guide team and some serious out of the box thinking they caught some salmon, lost many more, learnt new techniques and embraced a whole new facet to the fishery – the phenomenal sea trout.

Mexico; Punta Allen Trip Report – March 2019

This Publication Includes

In 2019 Alex returned to the Punta Allen Fishing Club on his second hosted trip to the fabled Ascension Bay in Mexico. Deemed the ‘permit capital of the world’ by many, the groups hopes and expectations were certainly set… Travelling in March, Alex and the group were able to escape the late British winter and set off in search of warmer water, bigger fish and cold beverages. His base for the week was the excellent Punta Allen Fishing Club, from where the group could explore the whole of Ascension Bay, the reef edge and all the way up the Boca Paila Lagoon. View Alex’s full trip report and images here.

Seychelles; Providence Atoll Trip report – March 2019

This Publication Includes

Peter McLeod has become mesmerized by the wonderful variety of flats and species that the huge Providence Atoll in the Seychelles has to offer. Here Peter looks back at his fourth hosted trip to this fantastic destination and some memorable catches and quirky moments. View the full trip report and images here.

Cameroon; Nile Perch Trip Report – February 2019

This Publication Includes

Having received early reports of a new African fishery that offered a different challenge in terms of both Nile perch and sub-strains of tigerfish she had not yet encountered there was no way we could stop Charlotte Chilcott from going. Bags were packed and flights were booked in no time and a new adventure lay ahead.

South Africa; Orange River Trip Report – August 2017

This Publication Includes

In August 2017 Alex Jardine and Charlotte Chilcott headed our on an exploratory trip to South Africa’s Orange River in search of largemouth yellowfish. This was a quest to see if the destination and species was comparable to other world class destinations. From lodges to tents and Land Rovers to rafts, they, alongside two other anglers, ventured down the beautiful golden valley in search of their quarry. The journey was spectacular; stunning landscapes, rich bird life, constant animal activity and most importantly some fantastic fish. View Alex’s full trip report and images here.

Brazil; Kendjam Trip Report – August 2015

This Publication Includes

Since visiting Tsimane in Bolivia in its early days, Steffan couldn’t imagine finding another untouched destination with incredible fishing. When the offer came to visit a new destination in the Brazilian jungle called Kendjam on the Iriri River, it was with anticipation that he headed back to the Amazon. On arrival memories of Tsimane came back to him and a real adventure ensued.

For a group of hardcore enthusiasts the Iriri River is not a new name, it had experienced several trips a number of years prior to Kendjam. In that time it reached an almost mythological fishing status before becoming inaccessible. Read all about Steffan’s voyage of discovery.

New Zealand; South Island Trip Report – January 2015

This Publication Includes

New Zealand has formed a permanent place in Olly’s heart. The large, wary brown trout and incredibly strong rainbows provide an infinite challenge for any trout angler. In 2015 he and fellow guide Matthew moved off the beaten track in search of legendary trout. Read about their trip of failures and successes.

Iceland 2018

This Publication Includes

The best of our salmon, trout and sea trout portfolio for the 2018 season.