Andros South

pursuing big bonefish

A very genuine fishing lodge, Andros South is all about the fishing and a perfect destination for the serious fly fisherman in pursuit of big bonefish.


A Diverse Fishing Experience

Variety is most definitely the spice of life here on South Andros. There are miles and miles of easily-waded white sand flats as well as hidden, unspoiled mangrove creeks peppered with large singles and doubles. Inland lakes fill up with eager schools of bonefish on the change of every tide.

Expansive ocean-side flats attract bruisers from the deep. Remote, rarely visited cays are home only to huge schools of bonefish. The diversity and size of the fishery mean a completely different fishing experience every day of your trip. Fishermen are transported by vehicle to the dock a mere 15 minutes away in the morning. Selecting from an array of areas to fish and depending upon winds, tides, and personal choices, you will be casting within 15 minutes to an hour from departure and will be returned by 1630. As many of the flats of South Andros are wadeable, fly fishermen have the option to depart their boat and wade for hours at a time if they wish and if conditions allow.

Clean, Comfortable Accommodations

The rooms are clean, comfortable, and air conditioned, each with it’s own bathroom. Accommodation is based on single occupancy for added comfort, and furnished with comfortable beds, dressers and nightstands.

The dining room is welcoming and laid back. It is perfect to enjoy a beer or two, great meals and conversation with friends, both new and old. On the dining front, there is a fresh seafood extravaganza! From fresh fish, to lobster and conch, you are guaranteed to enjoy it all. Many other great dishes are available including jerk chicken and ribs for those not so keen on fish. You will enjoy a variety of dishes, with an emphasis on traditional Bahamian cooking. The main dish is always complimented with rich, flavourful side dishes and topped off with a variety of truly sinful desserts. Located right on the beach is the tiki bar affectionately called ‘The Slack Tide’. This is a favourite spot to enjoy the beach, the breeze and drinks and appetizers at the end of your fishing day.

“On one morning I spent an hour chasing one giant bonefish of about 8 lbs across a sand flat and my guide and I were in rapture. This style of lodge suited me perfectly.” J.S. – UK

“The Tongue of the Ocean”

Andros South is located in the settlement of Kemp’s Bay on the eastern shore of South Andros Island in the western Bahamas. Andros sits in the middle of the Great Bahama Bank and is flanked to the east by “The Tongue of the Ocean”, a deep water trough that drops to more than five thousand feet not more than a mile offshore. Along the edge of the drop lies the third largest barrier reef in the world.

Andros Island itself is riddled with innumerable tidal creeks and inland flats, all home to thousands of hungry bonefish. The largest of the waterways are the North, Middle and South Bights, which split Andros Island into the smaller islands of North Andros, Middle Andros, Mangrove Cay, and South Andros.

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