Kendjam (Iriri River)

Fly fishing in Brazil

One of the main indigenous communities within this area belongs to the Kayapo and the fishing operation is based around their village at Kendjam, which you visit during your stay and some of the villagers accompany you during your stay. This all offers much more than a fishing destination; this is an experience like no other.


The Iriri is a clear river flowing largely over granite bedrock. It’s a freestone river with a decent gradient allowing for nice runs, riffles and pools to form. This provides a fantastic environment in which to fish and also an amazing environment for fish to proliferate, which they have done.

These fish-rich waters are home to a plethora of species, of which there are around ten targetable on the fly during your stay. There are many others, which will certainly become targetable in the future too. However, the main species currently targeted are; peacock bass, three different pacu species each with their own feeding habits, vampire fish (payara), wolf-fish (trairao), yatorana/matrincha, piranha, bicuda (freshwater barracuda).

Each species presents a different challenge and fishing style, from dead-drifting big dry flies for the matrinchas through to stripping poppers for the peacock bass or dead-drifting weed patterns for the pacu. It is immensely interesting fishing. Surrounded by the virgin rainforest and a myriad of different animals and birds to add to the Kendjam experience.

Riverside Lodge

The fishing has been built around the environment and the local inhabitants. It is all very sustainable and very low impact. 

The Kendjam Lodge accommodations are a comfortable wood cabins with 4 double occupancy rooms with spring box beds, private bathroom, hot water and electric light.

The lodge is located in a wonderful Sandy beach area in front of a gorgeous pool of Iriri river, 45kms downstream the Kendjam community.
Every day our guests will be delighted by wonderful cuisine in a well-fashioned living and dining room. Satellite Internet wireless connection and phone service are provided for all our guests. There also a porch to enjoy the magnificent sunset at Iriri river.

Solar panels provide full electric power every night and each cabin has 110-volt plugs so remember to bring your 110V to 220V converter if needed. You may charge batteries and use an electric shaver in every cabin. We provide laundry service at the lodge at no additional cost.

Unspoiled and protected Amazon forest

Kendjam is located on the Iriri River, some three hours flight time South-East of Manaus, Brazil. The Iriri is a tributary of the Xingu River, itself a tributary of the mighty Amazon. The location and river is unique in that it offers clear water in an otherwise sediment heavy system.

The river is located within the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory; an area of some 5 million hectares of pure, unspoiled and protected Amazon forest. Just 700 Indians live within this enormous area, being one of the most isolated tropical jungles on earth.

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