Laxa I Asum

Highest salmon catch per rod in Iceland

For the last six years the catch statistics on Laxa I Asum have exceeded six fish per rod per day on this remarkable river. When first viewed from the road it has a humble aspect, but the 14km of private fishing from Laxávatn to where it joins the Vatnsdalsá are some of the most productive in the country. The current is placid, flowing though fertile pastures except higher up where the river is squeezed through hard rock bands. The water colour has a slight tinge to it hiding the salmon well and instilling a false sense of security. This could be why the fish on Laxá Í Ásum are so incredibly aggressive and will readily take hitched tubes and micro flies.

Enjoy this Remarkable River

The river is a fly fisherman’s paradise, and most of the 50 named pools are short and don’t take long to fish. The average catch since 1974 is 1,028 salmon per year, equating to over six fish per day per rod over the 80 day season, which is just staggering.

Surface action is what this river is all about and most pools are easily fished with single handed rods and hitched flies. In addition micro tubes, traditional flies such as Hairy Marys, Blue Charms and Black and Blue in 10 – 16 will work well. The river is not deep so normally six – eight weight rods are employed, and only floating lines are needed. 

relax under the midnight sun

The new luxury lodge was finished at the beginning of the 2012 season and is near the middle point of the river, next to a pool called Sauðaneskvörnin. This also happens to be one of the best pools in the river making it an ideal home pool.

The lodge features four large rooms with en-suite bathrooms, a large living area – ideal to unwind after a long day – and a modern fully fitted kitchen where those not taking the full service option can prepare  meals. The large decked area is an ideal area to relax under the midnight sun, fully equipped with hot tub to rest tired bones after a hard day fishing.

Within hours of Reykjavik

Laxá I Asum is located in the north west of Iceland amid green and fertile valleys and is approximately four hours drive from Reykjavik.

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