Bristol Bay Lodge

Game Fishing Paradise

Alaska is undeniably one of the best destinations in the world for the sheer abundance and variety of salmon and game fishing species. Combine that with the truly unspoiled and vast environment and a fishing paradise soon emerges.

more fishing, less travel time

The lodge’s proximity to the watersheds within Wood-TikChik Park and Togiak National Wildlife Refuge means more fishing and less travel time, with flights averaging only 30 minutes.

Abundant home water fishing is also minutes from the lodge. Just a short boat ride from the lodge’s front door is the world-famous Agulowak River, celebrated for its productive fishing for rainbows, grayling, char, dolly-varden, and sockeye salmon. Bristol Bay Lodge combines back woods exploration, flying beyond the edge of civilization and cozy outpost camps, with the comforts of an Alaskan vacation.

The classic Alaskan experience and the unique opportunity to access untapped waters is why people return, year after year. They fly you to the fish in immaculately maintained De Havilland Beaver float planes above wilderness bustling with the activity of rare wildlife and come to rest in a removed crisp river where nothing separates you from the catch of a lifetime.

Scenic Views & Cozy Accommodations

The lodge was founded in 1972 on a wooded rise overlooking Lake Aleknagik and the surrounding mountains of Wood-TikChik Park. The lodge presides over a quiet scenic bay some 40 air miles northwest of the small, remote town of Dillingham, 300 miles west of the nearest connecting northwest road system. It is strategically located in the heart of America’s largest state park – Bristol Bay Lodge has the distinct advantage of being utterly surrounded by pristine wilderness.

Nestled around Bristol Bay Lodge are cozy cedar cabins, set among tall fir trees. All overlook majestic Lake Aleknagik and through the huge panoramic window guests will witness a breath-taking scene as the sun rises and sets over the mountains. The walls of the lodge are decorated with great trophies caught by a myriad of fishermen over thirty years, set among impressions and photographs of every animal that roams the surrounding wilderness, clues to what experiences await.

Catering to up to 26 guests per week who desire the finest freshwater angling available, the lodge’s well-appointed facility offers casually elegant wilderness living filled with creature comforts and an atmosphere of camaraderie. The main lodge houses our completely equipped professional kitchen, the dining room, large living room with bar area, the library and a huge fly tying bench laden with everything one needs to tie quality flies suited to the surrounding rivers. The famous see-through fireplace is fronted by a panoramic view of Lake Aleknagik. There are eight bedrooms in the main lodge as well as a fully equipped fly and tackle shop. Guests can arrive with nothing but a waterproof jacket and be fully outfitted. In warm weather the lodge’s decks are the favorite gathering places for appetizers, cocktails and weekly barbecues.

“I was amazed at the sheer vast amount of water and species at my disposal. Indeed, it was difficult to know what to target next and the six days certainly went far too quickly. A lot of boxes left to tick and I will certainly return.” E.Millan, Surrey, UK

The hot tub and sauna get lots of use after fishing – relaxing sore muscles. Set around the lodge, but private in every regard, are four cedar cabins, often used for small groups or families. Each cabin is different offering its own character, yet all offer scenic views of Lake Aleknagik, slightly fragrant with the scent of cedar as you would expect of true wilderness cabins.

Waiting serenely dockside are three immaculately maintained DeHavilland Beaver float planes, ready for action taking anglers into the wilderness that Bristol Bay Lodge guests can access so easily. Adjacent to the float planes, rest the fleet of jet boats, patiently nodding on Aleknagik’s morning ripples, ready to explore the lake and its diverse rivers. Just when the comforts and care of the lodge and the gentle scent of cedar make you question if this really is the wilderness, there is a chance for just four to six anglers to overnight in the heart of the wilderness and have a real Alaskan adventure. Bristol Bay Lodge’s legendary Outpost Camps, so famous for the extraordinary fishing that they provide all season long, offer the chance to fish all day and under the midnight sun, then sit around the campfire and truly relax. Not only are the Outpost Camps set on prolific and uniquely private waters, but they also indulge guests in wonderful comfort with delicious cuisine.

One of the world’s best destinations

Bristol Bay Lodge is ranked 4th in the world, in terms of fishing lodges by Forbes Magazine, and is the most acclaimed of Alaskan Lodges, providing the ultimate adventure but also plenty of creature comforts back at the lodge to assure a comfortable, enjoyable and memorable stay.

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