Lava Creek Lodge, Alaska

Superb salmon and trout fishing on unpressured rivers

Lava Creek Lodge is one of the most remote fly fishing lodges in Alaska, and guests here fish rivers that get almost no outside pressure. Anglers will find some of the best king and silver salmon fishing left in the state, and some midsummer fishing for leopard rainbows that until two years ago had never seen a fly. 

Prime destination for the serious salmon angler 

The Lava Creek Lodge is the perfect spot for the serious salmon angler who values remote and nearly untouched water, swing fishing for dime-bright kings and chums, and surface streamer action for big, hyper-aggressive silver salmon. With ultra-low occupancy, anglers get the pick of the best pools on the home river, as well as other rivers accessed by float plane. Jet boats are used for access only and allow anglers to reach prime wading runs filled with fish. Weather permitting guests also can fly out to one of the nearby rivers which are also filled with bright, fresh fish. Again, boats are used to access the best wade fishing opportunities. With two anglers per boat and guide, and only eight guests in camp there is always plenty of fresh, fish-filled water to explore. The king salmon season starts in early June and runs through until mid-July. Silver salmon season starts in early to mid-August and runs through until mid-September. King salmon here average 20 to 30lb, with silvers averaging around ten pounds with daily chances of hooking into a fish in the 15 to 18lb range. The wading is relatively easy, so it is a perfect fishery for anglers who prefer not to wade in deep, fast water with slippery footing.

Between the king and sliver season there are trout weeks limited to just four anglers. As well as targeting chum salmon and dolly varden, and king salmon in the early weeks and silvers in the late weeks, the trout weeks focus on rainbow trout fishing on the main river and its tributary. The rainbow trout are in the 20-to-24-inch range with the occasional larger specimen recorded. It is thought that some of the leopard-spotted rainbows have not been targeted before and the numbers of fish landed have been impressive. These weeks are perfect for fly fishers looking for secluded trout fishing in Alaska which is a rare find these days.

Comfortable lodge with spectacular views  

The lodge accommodates eight anglers in double occupancy wooden cabins. Each cabin has an en-suite bathroom, on-demand hot water, two beds and plenty of hanging space. The main lodge building is where meals are served and is a great place to relax and chat at the end of a fish filled day. Lava Creek Lodge is cosy rather than luxurious, but dry and warm and offers spectacular views of the coastal range and the ancient Aniakchak Volcano which rises 4,400 feet from sea level and separates the Pacific Ocean from the Bering Sea.   

Remote setting in Alaska’s Aleutian Peninsula  

Lava Creek Lodge is set on the Alaska’s Aleutian Peninsula, south/southwest of Bristol Bay. Anglers should plan to spend a night in Anchorage prior to setting off for Lava Creek Lodge. From here, guests take a private charter flight to a landing strip 25 miles from the lodge. It’s then a further 10-minute flight (two to three anglers at a time) direct to the lodge. On the way out, anglers can expect to arrive back in Anchorage at around 2.30pm. 

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