Bosnia Fly Fishing

Excellent Fly Fishing in Bosnia

Bosnian fly fishing is perfect for anglers who enjoy tricky clearwater fishing with dry flies and nymphs. The giant chalkstream-like (spring creek) rivers of Bosnia will bring you hours of enjoyment, and frustration, targeting wild brown trout and large grayling. Big fly hatches can provide some fantastic dry fly action with even the largest fish happily feeding off the top. In between hatches, anglers can find success using the interesting and incredibly effective Bosnian style of nymphing.

Big Grayling and Small Dry Flies

Our fly fishing packages to Bosnia focus primarily on two main rivers; the Ribnik and the Pliva. These rivers are alive with grayling, brown and rainbow trout that feed freely on the surface throughout the summer on the many upwing, stoneflies and caddis hatches. Some anglers will even get a chance to fish for the famous Danube salmon or huchen (hucho hucho), part of the salmon family and distantly related to the Mongolian taimen.

The Ribnik is atypical of a chalkstream or spring creek; slow flowing, consistent water temperatures, luscious weed growth and rising fish. The brown trout are beautifully marked and can grow to some phenomenal sizes, but it is the grayling that have anglers travelling from all over the world. Although it is only a touch over five kilometres in length, the river offers great variety of water and even the lower sections sometimes offer the chance to spot huchen. It is also possible to fish the upper Sana above the junction with the Ribnik.

The Pliva, is again chalkstream-like thanks to its limestone origins, but over its five kilometre fishing course it grows much larger than the Ribnik. The uppermost sections tumble through a rocky hillside before opening out into wide sweeping runs and deep pools. It then opens out into a more sedate giant chalkstream with fine gravel and large weed beds. It is perhaps this variety of water that fuels its grayling, and less populous brown trout, to grow to monstrous sizes. The fish are incredibly smart and you can easily spend hours trying to deceive them.

Anglers looking for more variation can fish on the Una and Unac rivers at the Croatian border. These more powerful rivers begin their course on the slopes of the Stražbenica mountain. They are fished most effectively with weighted nymphs and streamer techniques, although when a hatch starts the dry fly fishing can be some of the best in Europe.

The rivers can get busy with anglers but the good numbers of fish means you never have to wade far to target fresh fish on nymphs and dry flies. Although it’s not wilderness fishing, the scenery and fishing are truly world class. The dry fly fishing is hatch dependent and we have found that June and late September/ October tend to be the most consistent times for dry fly action. The destination focuses on big grayling but there are some large browns to be targeted too. It is a venue where anglers comfortable using light rods, fine tippets and small flies will find success.

Fantastic Bosnian Hospitality

Our Bosnia Fly Fishing packages are based from local guesthouses in prime locations to access the rivers. The guesthouses are clean, comfortable and most importantly have wonderful atmospheres. They may not be as plush as accommodation options elsewhere in Europe but for groups of anglers they offer excellent service, traditional Bosnian meals and cold beer. Guests will also likely encounter a shot or two of Sljivovica during a stay in Bosnia.

Within Easy Reach of Zagreb

Generally, packages originate in Zagreb making them easily accessible for anglers from all over the world. The international airport has direct flights to to all main European hubs including London Heathrow, Dublin, Paris CDG, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Munich as well as UAE hubs Dubai and Doha. It is also possible to travel in via Split or Sarajevo.

Once in country the fishing locations are within a two hour drive.

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