Fly fishing in Iceland

Hofsá is one of the “big” northeast rivers and one of the two major Vopnafjordur rivers and it is situated about 600 kilometers from Reykjavik. Hofsá has a long canyon on the top beats, a dramatic impassable falls and a string of challenging pools as the river thunders down the canyon. But once the canyon ends, the river turns into an almost endless string of long slow flowing pools, each one seeming more enticing and inviting than the last one.


Hofsá is fishable for approximately 30 kilometres and is only fished with seven rods so there is plenty of space. There are 80 marked pools and one rod fishes each beat. The river has very dependable water levels like most of the rivers on the east coast. That can be a huge difference in dry summers.

Hofsá is one of the best multi sea winter fish in Iceland and average weight is excellent. Conservation practices have been so will implemented that there is a huge proportion of returning multi sea winter fish. Hofsa is a strict fly only and catch and release river. It is one of the Icelandic elite rivers and so consumes its visitors that they wish to return every year.

For many years the Hofsá has been a river enjoyed by royals, lords and dignitaries from across the world. The average catch on Hofsá since 1974 is over 1,100 salmons but the last five years there has been a steady increase with the average of 1,374 fish.

“I caught my best salmon in Iceland of nearly 20 lbs on a size 16 hitched red Francis on a single handed rod. The crowning achievement for me!” N.M., Hampshire

a classic Icelandic fishing lodge

Arhvammur Lodge on the banks of the Hofsá is a classic Icelandic fishing lodge. The architecture appears functional, but inside you will discover comfortable lounges, a dining room with a spectacular panoramic view of the valley, en-suite rooms and a heated wader room that blows warm air into each pair of waders.

There is a large outdoor patio, from which you can enjoy the views up and down the valley. Hofsa’s chef is renowned in Icelandic culinary circles. You will enjoy full breakfasts, while lunch starts with a warming soup and continues through the main course to cakes and coffee. The three-course dinner, taken late after the evening’s fishing, is a celebration of local produce. The lodge also has wi-fi and computer access, a self-serve bar and detailed maps of all the beats.

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