Tarpon Cay Lodge, Mexico

Prolific shallow water tarpon fishing

Tarpon Cay Lodge is on the northern part of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Sitting on two marine reserves, it offers anglers exclusive access to juvenile tarpon fishing grounds. Fishing shallow water, using floating fly lines, the tarpon generally range from five to 15lb. However, there are occasionally fish in excess of 20lb. In addition, migratory tarpon are occasionally be found as well as barracuda, jacks and snook. As the fishery is primarily in shallow water, often with surface flies, you will find fishing at here utterly captivating.

World’s best baby tarpon fishery?

Tarpon Cay Lodge offers saltwater fly anglers unparalleled opportunities to target baby tarpon in shallow water with floating fly lines. This small operation caters to a maximum of just six anglers, keeping angling pressure low and offering exclusive access to the fishing grounds. Two large preserves protect these waters from commercial fishing. Crucially, they provide an expansive refuge for baby tarpon and a range of other marine wildlife.

Roving schools of fish vary greatly in size from just a few tarpon all the way to several hundred fish. They can be sensitive to environmental conditions and may challenge even the most skilled fly anglers. Properly setting the hook and making a well presented cast is half the battle – it’s a thrilling and utterly addictive experience. The Tarpon Cay guides are a professional crew and are extremely skilled at scanning for rolling fish and spotting schools moving under the surface. 

Run times from the lodge to the fishing grounds are roughly 20 minutes. All the skiffs have optional leaning bars, comfortable seats and new Yamaha engines.

The fishing areas vary from tight mangrove channels to sandy lagoons and turtle grass flats. In addition, there are deeper offshore flats where it is possible to find migratory tarpon in excess of 80lb.

Simple, comfortable with the heart of Mexico

Tarpon Cay Lodge is located right on the edge of the ocean in Rio Lagartos. It is about five miles to the east of the small fishing village of San Felipe.  The six spacious, comfortable rooms all have sea views and the lodge’s small size means it’s a very personal base from which to enjoy the fishing. With the ocean at its doorstep and beautiful surrounding scenery, it is a perfect spot to relax after a long day on the water. 

Meals are another highlight at Tarpon Cay Lodge with hearty portions featuring a blend of Mexican and American influences. Your breakfast will be promptly served in the morning to ensure you are on the water at first light. To keep you going on the water, lunches consist of sandwiches, snacks and assorted beverages.


The real Mayan Yucatan

Not far from the bustling madness of Cancun on the northern shore of the Yucatan Peninsula lies the quaint, commercial fishing village of San Felipe. Five miles to the east is Tarpon Cay Lodge. It may only be a couple of hours from the large hotel resorts of Cancun and Playa del Carmen but it is a world away. En- route you will pass through little Mayan towns and Catholic cathedrals of the early 1800s. You will see small, colourful, bustling markets and it really does give you a sense of the real Yucatan. The local people are amazingly friendly, the flora and fauna is spectacular and of course, the fishing is great.

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