Laxa I Dolum, Iceland

  • Salmon fishing, Laxa I Dolum, Iceland, Aardvark McLeod
  • Salmon fishing, Laxa I Dolum, Iceland, Aardvark McLeod
  • Laxa I Dolum, salmon fishing, Iceland, Iceland Guide, Alex Jardine
  • Laxa I Dolum, salmon fishing, Iceland, Iceland Guide
  • Laxa I Dolum, salmon fishing, Iceland, Iceland Guide
  • Laxa I Dolum, salmon fishing, Iceland, Iceland Guide, Aardvark McLeod
  • Salmon fishing, Laxa I Dolum, Iceland, Aardvark McLeod
  • Salmon fishing, Laxa I Dolum, Iceland, Aardvark McLeod

A perfect river for single handed rods, floating lines and the riffling hitch

The Laxa I Dolum is a medium sized river with a fair volume of water, flowing down a rocky bed with alternate pools and runs. This river is famed for its large stock of fish and numerous multi sea-winter salmon caught every year. Many pools are deep and very clear like many Icelandic rivers, often allowing anglers to see salmon holding and targeting specific fish.




A great mix of multi sea winter salmon and grilse

Laxá in Dolum offers 26 km of productive water. The lower beats flow smoothly through a wide isolated valley and are perfect for single handed rods, floating lines and the riffling hitch. The upper river, however, has some narrower beats demanding a greater variety of techniques. All the pools are easily accessible by car and present little difficulty to fish.

The river now runs a strict fly fishing only policy. The river offers a nice mix of one and two winter salmon throughout the season, making it a very popular river with both local and visiting anglers. In fact few rivers in the West and Southwest of Iceland have a better ratio of multi-winter salmon and most years salmon exceeding 20 pounds are caught.

Favoured flies are Hitch tubes, Blue Charm, Collie Dog, Black and Blue, Black Sheep, Allie’s Shrimp, Frances flies and tubes.

“A challenging river that I enjoyed immensely. I have never seen so many fish that were coming into the sea pool, and I loved the diversity of fishing. Having caught over 110 fish for the week our group is looking forward to returning.” D.N., UK

Riverside comfort

Experienced and English speaking guides are provided one for every two rods, as well as 4WD vehicles. Rod sharing partners are welcomed at no extra except for food and accommodation.

Accommodation is in a full service comfortable lodge featuring six single occupancy double rooms, each with a private bathroom, a comfortable dining and sitting area, sauna and the customary, three course gourmet meal.

Salmon fishing within 3 hours of the airport

Laxá I Dolum is located within the Dalir District in the north-west of Iceland.

Road transfers are usually included from either Keflavik airport (3 hours) or Reykjavik (2 hours 30 minutes).

Destination Overview

Location: Laxa I Dolum, Iceland

Water Type: Freshwater

Capacity: 6

Season: July to September

Price: Seasonal variation

Species: Atlantic Salmon

Activities & Amenities

Travel Tips

Iceland is 1 hour behind GMT and flying time from London is approximately 2 ½ hours plus transfer time. Visa’s are not required for British passport holders.

If you would like more information please contact Peter McLeod or Alex Jardine or call us on ++44 1980 847389. Alternatively click HERE if you would like us to contact you.

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Laxa I Kjos, Iceland

The international elite have always fished Kjos. It very quickly built a fantastic reputation as one of the world’s best small salmon rivers and is considered one of the more technical salmon rivers in Iceland. If you have a passion for fishing small flies and hitching, then the Laxá I Kjos will become your playground. It is primarily a grilse river but despite its size every year a number of large salmon are landed. Good runs of big sea trout can also be targeted from early July.

Langa, Iceland

The Langa is one of Iceland’s most notable salmon rivers, flowing over 36 km from its source in Lake Langavatn it offers some wonderful fly fishing water. The crystal clear water has 93 named salmon pools and is best fished with a floating line throughout the season. During the prime summer salmon runs the fishing on Langa is often best with micro flies and small hitch tubes across the surface.The river has a dependable water flow, relatively easy wading and remains one of the most naturally productive rivers in Iceland.

Laxa I Asum

For the last six years the catch statistics on Laxa I Asum have exceeded six fish per rod per day on this remarkable river. When first viewed from the road it has a humble aspect, the 14 km of private fishing from Laxávatn to where it joins the Vatnsdalsá are some of the most productive in the country. The current is placid flowing though fertile pastures except higher up where the river is squeezed through hard rock bands. The water colour has a slight tinge to it hiding the salmon well and instilling a false sense of security. This could be why the fish on Laxá Í Ásum are so incredibly aggressive and will readily take hitched tubes and micro flies.