Carp on fly adventures, Portugal

Lovely choice for fishers and non-fishers alike

Fly fishing for carp in Portugal is one of our newest and most exciting offerings. Catching carp on the fly has evolved dramatically in recent years, and the growing number of enthusiasts target this fish for very good reason. One of the most exciting aspects in all this is the sheer number of wild carp you can cast to in one day, often sight fished in shallow water. 

Active and exciting fishing 

Anglers who have already fished for tropical species such as bonefish, will be surprised by the similarities, not only in how wild carp react to flies, but also with their feeding places and the stalking technique involved. Carp turn into demons in shallow water, displaying great strength, a bold predatory instinct and curiosity when the fly falls right in front of their nose

Fly fishing for carp in Portugal is a very active style of fishing where the angler follows the contours of the bank both in and out of the water. Staying focussed and stealthy is crucial as a mud cloud may appear at anytime, indicating a tailing fish or the back of a hunting carp. The fish are usually spotted in small groups searching for food in shallow waters, although larger fish are likely to be alone, hunting food among rocks and submerged vegetation. The average size is five to ten pounds, although it is not unusual to see fish up to 20lb.

You will generally fish through eight lakes, each with its own characteristics. Lakes and fishing spots are selected according to the conditions and goals of the angler. There are lakes where you will find better numbers of smaller carp, some with slightly less fish but a greater range of sizes, and then the big fish lakes that offer the chance to catch a huge wild carp.

Non-fishers can enjoy a variety of excursions in the area including some lovely walking tours and visits to local wineries.

Choice of accommodation to suit all tastes

Accommodation varies from local farm stays to city hotels. Let us know what style you prefer and we can make the arrangements.

Beautiful rural interior of Portugal

The Alentejo in southern Portugal covers a huge area of the country stretching south from the Rio Tejo to the northern mountain ranges of the Algarve. Much of the region is given over to huge cork plantations, wheat fields and vineyards. It’s a lovely place to explore and you will come across UNESCO World Heritage towns, medieval walled villages and very hospitable people.

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