Gaula River – Norwegian Flyfisher’s Club

The River of Silver and Gold

Flowing over 145km from its headwaters in the mountains near Holtalen all the way down to the Trondheim Fjord, the Gaula River is wild and unregulated. Without the impediment of hydroelectric dams, the Gaula is subject to frequently changing water levels which provides dynamic fishing for anglers of all skill levels. The Gaula is consistently one of the most productive salmon rivers in Norway and the Norwegian Flyfishers Club is one of the most famous beats.

Big salmon and water variety

Famous for its large Atlantic salmon, the Gaula produces fish of over 40lb every year. The Norwegian Flyfisher’s Club offers access to over 12km of private water. The fishing rotation allows access to all sections of the river during the week’s fishing.

June is usually a very exciting and challenging time to fish the Gaula. As the season opens, the fish may be fewer in numbers, but what is lacking in numbers is made up in size. June fishing offers some of the best opportunities to catch salmon between 25 and 40lb. The rotation provides water both above and below the famous Gaulfossen rapids. This ensures that even in the early season, quality fishing is found in all water levels and conditions. Our experience suggests that 14-16 ft double-handed rods with sinking lines and large weighted tube flies are best suited for June.

July is primetime on the Gaula. In terms of both quantity and quality, and provides the best overall opportunity of both size and numbers of fish. Typically water levels stabilise and fish can be found  throughout the river. With lower water levels and an increase in temperature, floating and intermediate lines with smaller tube flies and double-hook flies are most suitable. The midnight sun offers 24 hours of fishing in the pristine Norwegian landscape throughout the month.

August is delicate salmon fishing at its finest. Fish of all sizes can be encountered throughout the beats. With each new rain, fish move around in their spawning pools. This is the time to use small flies with a floating line on a small double-hand rod. Single-handed or switch rods are also quite effective. During August anglers can target salmon on a dry fly or with a riffling hitch. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a 20lb plus salmon rise to a small skated dry fly.

Accommodation with stunning river views

At the Norwegian Flyfisher’s Club you will have an authentic Norwegian experience. Enjoy your stay in one of the recently renovated traditional farm houses or full service accommodation at the newly built NFC Lodge at Rogstadmoen.

Located on Rogstadmoen Farm, the NFC Lodge offers guest rooms and full board accommodation in a magnificent setting overlooking one of the Gaula’s most idyllic beats.

Decorated in authentic Norwegian style, guests have the option of single, double and suite accommodation with bathrooms and river views. Other amenities include a conference centre, free Wi-Fi access, living room, wader drying room, as well as a traditional Norwegian sauna and relaxation area.

The lodge chef will prepare hearty meals with fresh local produce, as well as riverside picnics which can be arranged for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Weekly riverside barbecues are arranged for all guests as a social interlude during the week’s fishing. A fully stocked bar is also at your disposal at the lodge.

Good international access

The Norwegian Flyfisher’s Club is located near the village of Støren, in the middle of Norway, only an hour drive from the Trondheim airport. It is conveniently accessible from all major international destinations.

The fishing is spread throughout the Gaula Valley, is clearly marked and easy to reach by car or in some cases by foot.

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