UK Grayling – Chalkstream Fly Fishing

Winter fishing for the Lady of the Stream

Chalkstream fly fishing for grayling offers some of the best sight fishing with nymphs and dry flies in the UK. Referred to as ‘the lady of the stream’, grayling are found throughout the chalkstreams. The silvery, ghost-like, shadows with a striking orange dorsal fin can often be seen elegantly holding position in the flow amongst beds of ranunculus and clean white gravel.

Dry fly and Nymph Fishing for Grayling

Chalkstream grayling thrive in the nutrient and invertebrate rich conditions provided by these spring-fed streams and river systems. Throughout the summer and autumn months they can be found rising freely up and down the rivers offering fantastic dry fly fishing opportunities.

Winter chalkstream fly fishing for grayling in a fairly new phenomenon, aside from a few maverick anglers. After the trout season has finished, and many anglers have swapped their fishing tackle for shooting kit, their is still great fly fishing to be had. Grayling can be targeted on a number of beats with both nymphs and dry flies from October through to March.

If you are looking to catch your first grayling, or hunt a specimen, there are beats for all anglers. They may not have the fight of the more sporting brown trout but they can be challenging and can offer hours of frustrating enjoyment throughout the long winter months.


The UK chalkstream fly fishing grayling beats are often in easy reach of London and many other main towns in the south of England. Whether you drive, fly or get the train it will not take long to reach the fishing.

For those looking for longer stays in the area, we can create longer chalkstream fly fishing itineraries in the area. There are numerous accommodation options suitable for all types of stay, from small B&Bs to full Country House Hotels.

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