Lesotho; Makhangoa Community Camp

World class fly fishing for wild rainbow trout, brown trout and smallmouth yellowfish

Makhangoa Community Camp, in the Kingdom of Lesotho, is the first of its kind in this remote area of Southern Africa, an ecotourism project which employs over 50 individuals from the local community. Whether you are trekking for wild trout, spending the nights under a blanket of brilliant stars, or staying in camp walking the crystal clear river sight fishing drys to yellows, Lesotho is an unforgettable destination.

World class fly fishing in the heart of Lesotho for yellowfish, rainbow and brown trout

Guests staying at the Makhangoa Community camp have exclusive access to over 20km of the Bokong River, split into five beats with a limit of six rods per day on the river. The prime target during the summer months are the healthy populations of large and hungry yellowfish. Often referred to as fresh water bonefish, these mountain speedsters are all you can ask for in a fresh water fly fishing quarry. Coming readily to a well presented fly, fish in the two to ten pound range make the Bokong River at Makhangoa Community Camp their home each year between November and April. Yellowfish are the main target during the summer months as they move into the system en mass to feed and spawn. Katse Dam (less than 1km from camp) offers fine sight fishing to cruising yellowfish. The dam stays warm and clear over summer so even in cold snaps or a brief blowout, time is never wasted as guests can keep fishing no matter the weather throws up.

During cooler periods, the trout become active and anglers have the chance to target rainbow trout and brown trout throughout the system. Fishing is predominantly sight fishing with dry flies, though nymphing is required if water temperatures drop. Both brown and rainbow trout were introduced to the Lesotho rivers in the late 1800s. They have since called this mountainous kingdom their home, taking hold in most of the highland rivers and streams.

The Bokong River is one of the few rivers in South Africa where one can target browns, rainbows and yellowfish in a single session.

Remote, beautiful Makhangoa Community Camp, built to mirror a traditional Basotho homestead

Built to mirror a traditional Basotho homestead, Makhangoa Community Camp was designed to blend in with its mountain environment. The camp has four traditional Rondavels (round chalets), each sleeping two guests in single beds. The Rondavels are built out of river stone and thatch, and each has a verandah overlooking the river.

The heart of the camp is the living area and kitchen building, which consists of a lounge with large welcoming couches, a fire place, and large black-wood dining table counter.  Also built from local stone it is a fine example of traditional masonry.

Ablutions are in a separate stone building at the back of the camp, over looking the estuary system where the Bokong flows into Katse Dam. There are two flush toilets, two hot showers and two hand basins, all with hot and cold running water.

Lighting is solar and paraffin but there is a camp generator to charge cameras and laptops.

Lesotho; Kingdom in the Sky

Founded in 1824, Lesotho (fondly referred to as the Kingdom in the Sky), is completely surrounded by South Africa. At 30,550.00sq km, it is one of the world’s smallest countries and one of the few remaining monarchies in Africa. With the highest average altitude in the world and thousands of kilometres of virgin, gin clear streams, what you have is Africa’s version of Patagonia.

The beauty of this harsh mountain wilderness is astounding, and reason enough to spend time fly fishing in this wild and remote part of southern Africa. Dramatic basalt cliffs, big skies, the bearded vulture and the occasional herd boy are the setting for a truly world class fly fishing experience.

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