Upper Oxbow Lodge, East Coast Canada

Fishing the picturesque Little Southwest

Upper Oxbow Lodge is located on the southern bank of the Little Southwest Miramichi. The Miramichi River is one of the most famous rivers on the East Coast of Canada, and the Little Southwest is one of the most picturesque tributaries to fish for Atlantic salmon.

Atlantic salmon on the Little Southwest

The character of the Little Southwest and the other surrounding tributaries such as the Sevogle and North Pole Streams is very different to the main river, flowing though a much more mountainous route to the Miramichi bay, and this gives these rivers a wild feel. The annual Atlantic salmon runs start in mid-June and continue through late October, when spawning commences in earnest.

Upper Oxbow Lodge has easy access to some of the most famous pools on the Little Southwest all reached easily by vehicle, and with our partners Salar Enterprise a number of others allowing a huge diversity of water to fish.

Many of the pools have incredible topography and large boulders creating fantastic scenery and wonderful lies. The guides at Upper Oxbow Lodge are incredibly experienced, some of them being third generation river guides who have grown up along the Miramichi.

The Little Sevogle is more akin to an Icelandic river, winding its way through gorges which make for some very interesting fishing. Dry fly works well on these streams, but traditional wet fly and small two handed rods also have their place.

“Splendid fishing, great lodge.” A.M., UK

A modern lodge, overlooking the home pool

Upper Oxbow Lodge is a modern lodge, each room having en-suite bathrooms and minibars. There are two suites available upstairs, one of which has two more single beds making it ideal for families.

The rooms have balconies that look out over the home pool, and the terrace that even has a Jacuzzi. The lower level of the lodge also contains a bar, gaming room and a conference centre. For those looking for a more rustic experience the lodge also has the original 100 year old log cabins full of character and tradition.

As they are located not far from the Miramichi Bay there are also a huge variety of other activities alongside the fishing perfect for families ranging from canoeing, kayaking to river boat cruises on the Miramichi River, Whale watching on the Bay of Fundy, salt water fishing on the bay of Chaluer, nature and wildlife tours and cruises, horseback riding, the Rocks and the highest tides in the world at Hopewell Cape, or even a visit across the Confederation bridge to PEI and Anne of Green Gables.

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