Bay Flats Lodge

Easy access to a superb inshore saltwater fishery

Bay Flats Lodge is located on the coast of San Antiono Bay and provides superb access to a rich marine environment of shallow saltwater flats and winding creeks that offer exciting sight fishing for redfish.

Remote and unpressured waters 

Texas offers miles of grassy shorelines, back lake marshes, and winding shallow wetlands. Due to the low guiding and angling pressure, fishermen often have large areas to themselves, enhancing the wilderness experience. Fishing is possible year-round with the best months considered to be October and November and March to June. Alongside redfish, anglers might see jack crevalle, black drum, and occasionally southern flounder or snook, especially during spring and summer.

Fishermen tend to use 8# rods, small flies, and longer leaders to navigate shallow, clear waters similar to the bonefish flats of the Bahamas. This setup is ideal for catching redfish weighing between five to ten pounds. Anglers explore the creeks and flats in ultra-light poling skiffs that float quietly in the shallow water. Knowledgeable guides push the boats silently through the waters on the look out for tailing fish and tell-take wakes in the clear water.

This video gives a great overview of what to expect.

A range of comfortable accommodation options  

Bay Flats Lodge offers a range of rooming options and can accommodate a maximum of 56 guests. The rooms are arranged in individual cottages accommodating between four and nine guests, and a series of one bedroom flats. They all feature luxury bedding and en-suite facilities. There are outdoor fire pits and a large outdoor gazebo for socialising. The hearty angler’s breakfast features eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, juices, coffee, and more. Packed lunches are provided for guests to take with them on the water. Appetisers are served around 5.30pm followed by a four course meal in the dining room. The lodge does not sell alcohol but guests are welcome to bring their own.

Easy access from several major airports

For international guests, Houston airport is a three hour drive from the lodge.

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