Gassa Camp, Cameroon

Multi-species fishing in a pristine wilderness

Gassa Camp offers adventurous anglers an extraordinary opportunity to fish for Nile perch on a 120km section of the Faro River which borders the Faro National Park in Cameroon. The combination of pristine riverine and land ecosystems makes this area one of the last remaining ecologically intact West African savannah habitats left on the planet.

Adrenaline fuelled fishing 

The fishing here is all on foot and Nile perch are traditionally targeted at night, usually starting around sunset and lasting until about 9.30pm. Aggressive and super strong, these fish can reach over six feet with the largest recorded specimen weighing in at over 200lb. During daylight hours anglers can target tigerfish and yellowfish both of which provide plenty of entertainment. The groups are led by world class English speaking professional guides who have a wealth of experience in the safari, fly fishing and wildlife industry. Each group of four anglers is accompanied by two guides and two game scouts. 

Traditional tented safari camp 

Gassa Camp is situated on the banks of the Faro River, looking across to the Faro National Park. This seasonal tented camp comprises four Meru tents, integrated into the indigenous riverine forest, allowing guests a direct line to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the West African savannah. The social focus of the camp is a central living area, under a Bedouin tent, which comprises small lounge, coffee table, dining area, charging station, and fire pit on a river sand beach. This is the perfect place to enjoy sunrise and sunsets, immersed in the bush. Piping hot showers, ice cold beers, and a talented camp cook working out of a basic bush kitchen make sure guests stay as comfortable as can be.


Remote wilderness setting 

Access is via Douala in Cameroon.  From here guests will take a two hour regional flight to Garoua and then a four hour road transfer into camp.

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