Gallatin River Lodge

Fly Fishing in Montana

Gallatin River Lodge is based just off the Gallatin River just outside of Bozeman, Montana, USA. It is in the heart of the area used in the filming of A River Runs Through It, and hosts some of the finest rainbow and brown trout fishing in the world as well as stunning scenery and a plethora of wildlife.

The region is known as Big Sky for its seemingly endless landscape that stretches from mountain range to mountain range. The lodge itself has a wide variety of waters available and will work with you to provide the best fishing suited to you.


The main species targeted in this area are rainbow trout and brown trout; there are also two local subspecies of cutthroat tout (The Westslope and the Yellowstone). Catching one or even both of these cutthroat trout will well and truly round of your American West experience. There is an array of fishing to be had and different times of the year can provide the discerning fisherman with some sensational fly hatches.

The Gallatin and Madison rivers have a very similar season; they start up in April with hatches of stoneflies running through to mid-May with attractor nymphs and streamers also being very successful. Late May to mid-June can be a lull on these rivers as the warmer spring weather causes the winter run-off to slow fishing on these river systems.

As you move into late June through to July the salmon fly hatches bring the river back to life and these are followed by hatches of golden stoneflies, caddis and pale morning duns. August and into September is the time of terrestrials and there can be some great large dry fly fishing experienced. The months of September and October are favourites locally as this is when the blue winged olive hatches occur in large numbers and also it is prime nymph and streamer fishing.

The Lodge is made up from the best local guides around, they share years of knowledge and experience on the waterways of Montana and further afield. They are headed by owner Steve Gamble who has been guiding and running outfitter operations since 1984. These guides understand the waters and will make the right decisions based on weather, water levels and your own needs to provide you with a truly unforgettable trip. The Yellowstone river is best fished between April and May in the spring months and late August through to October in the fall months. There are consistent hatches through these months which offer some fantastic dry fly sport.

The Missouri and Jefferson river systems offer fantastic fall fishing and are best fished from a drift boat. The smaller rivers and creeks can offer good fishing all year round; they are particularly good during the summer months when the easily accessible parts of the main rivers have relatively a lot of fishing pressure.

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