Isla Holbox, Mexico

A true tarpon destination

Isla Holbox is a beautiful small island northwest of Cancun, separated from the mainland by a shallow lagoon. It’s a great spot to pursue tarpon, snook, barracuda and more in the glassy waters and flats of the Gulf. It is a great location for couples and fishers alike, with an array of accommodation options.  

Outstanding tarpon fishing

Although there are other species to be found in the waters of Holbox, it is the tarpon that is the true star of this destination.

Every year large schools of migratory fish congregate in the open waters just off the island. In the shallow mangrove lagoons, creeks and flats you will find baby tarpon (5 to 15lb) and snook throughout the year. Your guide will pole you along beautiful turtle grass flats or inside the mangrove lagoon as you sight fish for these acrobats that cruise and roll just like their larger brethren. However, it is the migratory fish that make Holbox a unique fly fishing destination. In April, migrating fish begin to arrive to feed in the clear water of the shallows. During June, July and August, the fishing for large tarpon in the 75 to 190lb range can be fantastic.

In addition to the tarpon and snook, bonefish, barracuda, snapper, permit and jack crevalle are also occasionally found during the spring and summer months. There are a number of guides on the island and we can arrange for one to accompany you as you explore these productive waters where you will search the calm surface for rolling schools of tarpon. It is possible to see several schools and hundreds of fish each day. The large adult fish can be found from May to September.

A range of accommodation 

There is a range of accommodation on the island.  

Non fishing activities include horseback riding on the beach, sweet water cenote swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, birding and island exploration with hours of relaxation on the empty white sand beaches of this relatively undiscovered island. You can also mix in a trip to Chichen Itza, the most famous of Mayan Ruins or snorkel with the whale sharks (seasonal).


Fly fishing on a few hours from Cancun

Isla Holbox is a small fishing island located on the north-eastern point of the Yucatan Peninsula, just two and a half hours from Cancun. 

There are no cars on the island and the streets are made of soft beach sand, allowing you to forego footwear if you wish. Isla Holbox is blessed with one of the world’s outstanding tarpon habitats.

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