Aurelia Lodge Rio Grande, Argentina

Sea trout fishing Rio Grande Argentina TDF, Aurelia Lodge.

Sea trout fishing Rio Grande Argentina TDF, Aurelia Lodge. Aurelia offers anglers the opportunity to fish some 8 miles of the Rio Grande and 15 miles of the Rio Menendez, all to just four rods per week! Enjoy an enjoyable day on the river and return to the comforts of the warm, welcoming lodge in the evening.

The finest sea trout fishing in the world…

The fishing at Aurelia is on the prime middle reaches of the Rio Grande and is located immediately above Kau Tapen and Estancia Maria Behety. The sea trout average close to 10 lbs and do reach weights in excess of 30 lbs. The lodge has access for fly fishing on both banks of the Rio Grande for 8 miles plus some 15 miles double bank fishing on the Rio Menendez. This is all reserved for just 4 rods! Meaning that the water gets well rested throughout the day.

Both rivers offer easy wading, with the riverbed being mainly fine gravel.

Following your morning session you will usually return to the lodge for lunch, which is then followed by a siesta. The afternoon fishing session starts in the mid-afternoon to capitalise on the magical dusk fishing period.

Homely, comfortable and welcoming lodge environment awaits

Aurelia Lodge comfortably accommodates four guests in single, en-suite bedrooms. The estancia house was recently fully renovated and converted into the current fishing lodge. Guests enjoy spacious rooms, large fully appointed private bathrooms, a warm and welcoming reception area, and a comfortable dining room with great views. There is also a small tackle shop, a separate asado (traditional Argentine barbecue) room, wader room and lounge.

Non-fishing guests are also welcome at Aurelia with an abundance of other outdoor activities available, such as; horseback riding, wildlife viewing excursions to see some of the abundant local wildlife, flocks of wild geese, plentiful herds of guanacos, grey foxes, many species of raptors and other Patagonian birds, and the magnificent condors, with an 8 foot wingspans.

Immediately above Kau Tapen and Estancia Maria Behety on the prime middle reaches

Aurelia Lodge is situated on the southern bank of the Rio Grande, and occupy the large triangular tract of land between the Rio Grande and its tributary, the Rio Menendez. In 2005 the Estancia house was converted into what is now Aurelia Fishing Lodge. The lodge is around 90 minutes drive from the airport in Rio Grande. From the lodge, the river is some 30 minutes drive away, 45 minutes to the furthest beats.

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