Los Roques, Venezuela

an unspoiled archipeligo

Technically referred to as an archipelago, Los Roques is an unspoiled atoll located approximately 80 miles from the coast. It is characterised by extremely clear waters, magnificent coral beds, diverse and varied flats, sandy beaches and hundreds of smaller mangrove cays. Some flats are coral, some are soft marl covered with turtle grass and sea weed. However most flats are firm, clean white, or golden in colour, and easy to navigate. You will also be fishing extensive sand and beach flats, channels, cuts, coral shallows, and mangroves, mostly on food.

Exceptional wade fishing for bonefish

Veteran Los Roques guide Chris Yrazabal personally manages the fishing operation. Chris will do everything in his power to ensure the best fishing opportunities during your stay. Thanks to its location (only 12 degrees north of the equator), the area is relatively unaffected by cold fronts and hurricanes.

The diversity of flats make Los Roques one of the most consistent bonefishing locations in the world. Los Roques offers outstanding numbers of bonefish with a very solid average size of 3-4 pounds. Fish over 5 pounds are caught more frequently than fish under 2 pounds, and good numbers of fish in the 7-10 pound range are present. Although bonefish are the main attraction in Los Roques, tarpon from 10 to 100 lb are frequently landed. They can often be seen rolling in the channels and occasionally on the deeper flats. Permit are seen occasionally and are usually large, often in excess of 25 pounds, whilst present they should be thought of as a bonus. Other available species at Los Roques include barracuda, snook, cero mackerel, bonito and a variety of snappers and hard fighting jacks.

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Relaxed atmosphere and excellent food

Accommodation in Los Roques is at Acuarela Posada, a deluxe lodge on El Gran Roque with 12 comfortable rooms and an ample lounge area. All rooms are air-conditioned. Each room has a private bathroom with hot water.

Meals at Los Roques are prepared especially for anglers, and the attention and service is top quality. Even though activities other than fishing are somewhat limited at Los Roques, anglers or their companion will enjoy the beautiful solitary beaches of crystal clear waters and white sand with fascinating birding, and beautiful flora and fauna.

It is an excellent place to relax and rest, or revive and revitalize yourself. Los Roques is famous for its wonderful scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite surfing and sea kayaking opportunities. You may also visit the sea-turtle research centre. All of these activities can be arranged at the request of guests, as they are excellent choices for non-fishing companions.

“Just wanted to say thank you for organizing our trip to Los Roques, it was truly fantastic, great posada, great food, great guides. Chris was superb and really tried hard to keep us all happy and to listen to our wishes.”  G.B. – UK

Enjoy diverse and varied flats

Technically referred to as an archipelago, Los Roques is an unspoiled atoll located approximately 100 miles from the Venezuelan coast. There are no fixed entry or exit days for Los Roques so it is possible to tailor your itinerary. Caracas Airport is reached via four European hubs from the UK; Frankfurt on Lufthansa, Paris on Air France, Madrid on Iberia or Lisbon on TAP. There are flights going every day and with an early departure in the morning and a quick change most flights arrive mid-afternoon the same day.

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