Isla de la Juventud/Isle of Youth

Target fishery for giant tarpon

Isla de la Juventud, or the Isle of the Youth, in Cuba is the country’s second largest island and famed for fly fishing for giant tarpon. Sitting to the south of the Cuban mainland it is a year-round fishery and focusses on the huge chain of keys and islands that lead eastward. It offers a wonderful array of pristine saltwater flats and deeper channels, a perfect place for tarpon of all sizes, big bonefish and good numbers of permit too.

Diverse Flats Fly Fishing

The focus for most fly anglers heading to Isla de la Juventud is the year-round world-class tarpon fishing. The best tarpon fishing is often found in the spring and summer months but the fish are resident and can be caught in all months. They are often found in the deeper channels that run like a highway network between the flats, but fish of 30-80lb can regularly be sight cast to on the shallow flats.

Stretching eastward, the large area of marine park provides a pristine environment similar to that of Jardines de la Reina with a combination of marl, sand, and turtle grass providing a perfect environment for fly fishing from a skiff. Aside from the numerous tarpon, these flats are also home to big bonefish and good numbers of permit too. For anglers who like to wade there are some great hard white sand flats where you can easily spend a few hours hunting tailing bonefish and permit.

In addition to the tarpon, bonefish and permit, Isla de la Juventud also offers some fantastic sight fishing for snook and barracuda. Around the drop offs and mangrove lined edges you will also find plenty of other Caribbean species such as mutton snapper and jack crevalle.

Liveaboard in the Isle of youth

While you are in Isla de la Juventud, accommodation is provided aboard purpose-built liveaboard vessels. Currently Jardines Avalon F1 operates in the area. The boat offers a unique and comfortable experience.

Jardines Avalon FI
JA-FI is an intimate, comfortable and stylishly designed yacht, where each space is created to provide its guests with maximum comfort and safety. There are ten deluxe king cabins, with nine private bathrooms, air conditioning and heat controls, electricity plugs, as well as storage in drawers. There is a spacious and comfortable combination lounge, dining room and bar area on the boat deck along with a jacuzzi.

The food aboard all of the Avalon vessels is a wonderful selection of Cuban cuisine, grilled fresh seafood and vegetables along with many international delights. The chefs are well versed in many different styles and will be sure to amaze you during your stay aboard. In addition there is a full bar with a selection of Cuban beers and rum, international wines, and a variety of spirits. The attentive crew will be there to take care of your every need and make sure you have a wonderful trip.

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