Mission Lodge, Alaska

One of Alaska’s finest fly out lodges

Mission Lodge is easily considered to be Alaska’s finest fly-out lodge operation, offering a first class experience. Depending on the week five species of Pacific salmon, rainbow trout, arctic char, dolly varden, arctic grayling, lake trout and northern pike and almost any combination thereof are available to target.

Pacific salmon and rainbow trout abound

Their goal is to utilize the various fisheries whilst they are in their prime. To do this they will fly you out to different rivers and streams depending on the species that you are interested in. Each evening prior, they will confer with you to see what kind of experience you are up for. The guides will then get the necessary gear put together in the tackle room.

The next morning after breakfast you board one of our float planes and head out with a guide (or to a spike camp with a guide waiting) to one of the many world class, and in some cases world famous, rivers and streams of the region. Depending on the location they will have jet boats to take you up and down the river to fish from or get you to different gravel bars for wading.

Luxury in the Wilderness

Mission Lodge is one of the only lodges in Alaska where a single room is standard. You will sleep on a real bed, your window looks out over the lake and the bathroom is just steps away. For couples, there are special suites that have a private bath in the room.

Misson Lodge is often called the best restaurant in Bristol Bay Alaska. Their chefs create some amazing fair that is referred to as ‘Alaskan Gourmet’- high end comfort food.

On the shores of Lake Aleknagik

Mission Lodge is located on the shores of Lake Aleknagik in the heart of the world famous Bristol Bay region of Southwest Alaska. This area offers unsurpassed trophy fishing for Salmon and Trout in a spectacular wilderness setting.

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