Casa Blanca Fly Fishing Lodge, Mexico

Flats fly fishing in Ascension Bay, Mexico

Casa Blanca Fly Fishing Lodge, Mexico offers exceptional fly fishing with outstanding flats fishing in Ascension Bay. Cast your line for bonefish, permit and tarpon, and experience this essential fishing destination.

Grand Slam Opportunities

The bonefishing is testing among the mangrove roots and the sand flats. Their size is a little larger than the rest of the Yucutan due to its close proximity to the ocean reef. The permit fishing at Casa Blanca may be the very best in the world. As many as 56 permit have been caught on the fly in a single week.

Another week, guests boated 10 Grand Slams (a permit, a bonefish, and a tarpon, all in one day). The majority of Tarpon are natives that remain in the area throughout the year. Ascension Bay’s and Espirito Bay’s Tarpon should be considered an added bonus since the numbers found in these waters are fairly limited. There are plenty to cast to in order to complete a Slam, but you should not consider Casa Blanca or Playa Blanca primarily as a Tarpon destination.

Every Room Has a View

The Casa Blanca Lodge sits on a rocky point known to the locals as Punta Pajaros. The actual lodge was the former staff quarters for coco plantation workers. You will find that every room is one with a view each having a different layout to accommodate to ones individual or a group’s needs.

The lodge also boasts a 100yd long concrete pier. Under the lights at night you fill find cruising Tarpon and Permit. Some of the best fishing happens right off the pier. All the comforts of home await. Mahogany shutters open toward spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, tiled rooms with air conditioning and spacious baths. The main lodge features a fully stocked bar, an imaginative menu, and friends, old and new, swapping stories about the day’s fishing. The house specialty is fresh seafood, lobster, snapper or conch, caught from the nearby palancar reef. Chayote, jicama, habaneros, the native fruits and vegetables are presented to please your eye as well as your palate.

“We had a fantastic trip! Playa Blanca was beautiful, the accommodation spacious and comfortable, the staff wonderfully friendly and helpful. The food was excellent. My wife had a thoroughly relaxing time and the fishing was brilliant.” M.A. – London

extraordinarily beautiful

One of the most established lodges in the Caribbean offering a very good chance of a grand slam.

Casa Blanca is located on an island paradise in the middle of Ascension Bay on the Yucutan Peninsula. The area surrounding Casa Blanca is wild, virtually uninhabited and extraordinarily beautiful. There are miles of shallow bays, secluded mangrove-rimmed lagoons, white sand beaches, and dense coastal jungle.

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