Sette Cama, Loanga National Park, Gabon

Sette Cama in Gabon is without doubt the pinnacle of rock, surf and estuary fishing.

There are very few places where you can target giant tarpon off the beach and the only one where you do so in the company of forest elephants, buffalo and gorillas. This is the longest and wildest stretch of coastline left on the African continent, and it is hard to put into words how special Sette Cama is.

The massive estuary system is rich in nutrients, offering the avid saltwater fisherman the thrill of targeting the unique species of West Africa with both spin and fly tackle. The abundance of large and aggressive game fish, all eager to attack a well fished lure, is complimented by Africa’s most pristine tropical rain forest which creates the back drop to this one-of-a-kind saltwater fishing experience.

Big predators hunt in a few feet of water

Located at the edge of Loanga National Park and the Atlantic Ocean, Sette Cama is a truly wild place. There is abundant wildlife and elephants are seen around Sette Cama camp most days. Hippo, leopard, forest buffalo and red river hogs are also present, along with a plenty of birds and monkeys. The day starts on average at 0330 with a wakeup call. A quick breakfast of coffee and toast before heading in pitch darkness to the river mouth for the first session of the day. Depending on tides, the best time for fishing in Gabon is in either the early morning from dark until a few hours after sunrise and then again in the evening from last light to fishing into the dark.  This makes for some very long days, but having a siesta every afternoon certainly helps.  Another option is to start the day fishing light tackle or fly from a boat in the lagoon chasing whitefin jacks, juvenile snapper and Guinean barracuda. New for the 2023/24 season are exploratory weeks micro jigging in the lagoon. Although some time will be spent traditional lure and fly fishing at the mouth, the primary focus will be on exploring the extensive lagoon system and experimenting with new techniques. 

Standing in a surf line with waves crashing and water tumbling around you in the dark is initially a sensory overload. Big fish come to hunt their pray in a few feet of water and big tarpon and African cubera snapper come into knee deep water only metres away from the beach. Giant African threadfin are one of the main trophy fish in Gabonese waters. They are very strong once hooked, and can grow to well over 100lb in these waters. These fish will strike a lure or plug and can also be caught on bait.  The more rain the better as they prefer the fresh tannin stained water leaving the river mouth.

Simple chalets on the edge of the national park

Accommodation is simple air conditioned chalets with twin configuration. Meals are enjoyed in the main living area, which includes a stocked bar and a deck overlooking the estuary.

Truly wild, between the Atlantic Ocean and the jungle

Located at the edge of Loanga National Park and the Atlantic Ocean, Sette Cama is a truly wild place.

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