Straumfjardara, Iceland

Straumfjardara is a unique salmon river on the west coast of Iceland

Straumfjardara is a short river fed by two mountain lakes and several smaller springs which combine to create 12 km of prime salmon holding water, as well as char and sea trout in the lower reaches.
There are 27 named pools producing an annual average catch of 400+ salmon to just four rods. All of the pools are easily accessible with four wheeled drive vehicles being able to get within 5 minutes’ walk of each fishing spot. The salmon average 5-6 lbs but each season good numbers of fish over 12 lbs are landed. Most of the fishing is done with light weight set ups and floating lines throughout the season.

Straumfjardara is the western most of a string of top flight rivers on the Snaefellsnes peninsula.

The river flows out of two lakes that are not far from the north coast of the peninsula. The upper part of the river is very steep until the Rjukandi waterfall, an impassible barrier, is reached. Below that, it is rocky, but with good pools for spawning by the heroic salmon which have surmounted an eighteen-foot foss (waterfall) or the lazy (or intelligent) ones using the salmon ladder.

Above this foss a medium-sized tributary joins the river. From the foss to the main road there is a stretch of very attractive water with many challenging pools. After which the river becomes wide, slow flowing and shallow, passing through wet, spongy land.

A second tributary joins in this section, which ends at a low foss about five feet high. Below that are several pools and 2 km to the sea, with a few possible places where running salmon might pause. Also, this lower part gives good fishing for sea-run Arctic char early on in the season with sea trout later on.

Riverside comfort

The comfortable modern lodge overlooks the middle reaches of the river. It offers single rooms as standard and all the comforts one needs.

The fishing lodge is located in the mid quarter of the river, since 2005. A modern house who sits well located in the nature surrounding it. With full accommodation, one of the finest lodge available by Icelandic river. Five bedrooms, each with two beds and private shower/WC. The lodge is heated with thermal water. It has a living room with fire stove and a dining room and all facility for the fishermen (wi-fi connection, heater for wet cloth, cooler for the fish etc.) and Sauna.

The catering in Straumfjardara is one of the finest you can have in a fishing lodge in Iceland. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. A very personal and friendly atmosphere is renowned. The location of the lodge provides fabulous view to the river and mountains above. A good place to relax after a day by the river.

Salmon fishing within 3 hours of the airport

A small and exclusive salmon river located on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in the West Iceland.

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