Fly Fishing in Iceland

Considered to be one of Iceland’s finest sea trout and brown trout rivers, Litlá i Kelduhverfi flows from Lake Skjálftavatn over the volcano formed plains and empties into the glacial waters of Jokulsa before pouring into the Atlantic Ocean.

Excellent multi-species fishing 

The waters are kept from freezing during the winter months due to a series of hot springs along the river. This means that the fish can feed year-round allowing sea trout, brown trout and Arctic char to flourish in size and numbers.

The season starts at the beginning of April and good early sea trout runs can be encountered through to June. The summer months see the prime fishing time for brown trout and Arctic char, with fish ranging from three to ten pounds and some great dry fly fishing opportunities. The river remains open through September when, as well as brown trout and Arctic char, there is a great late run of sea trout and also a chance of catching fresh run salmon. The fishing on the Litlá is incredibly diverse and the chance of catching three species in a day is always on the cards.

This is a great destination for anglers who enjoy fishing different methods. It is wise to carry both light and heavy single-handed rods as well as a 13’ or 14’ double-handed rod. As for flies, carry everything from sea trout doubles and large streamers to imitate stickleback through to size 16 dry fly midge imitations.

the Keldunes lodge

Whilst fishing on the Litlá, anglers stay in the Keldunes Lodge which offers all modern comforts including a hot tub. The lodge is situated at the top of the river and the perfect place to sit back and relax after a successful day on the water. 

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