Waldorf Astoria, Platte Island, Seychelles

Unspoiled paradise with excellent fly fishing

Platte Island, named after its flat appearance, is a small, isolated island located 130 km south of Mahé and a perfect example of an Indian Ocean hideaway. This remarkable spot remained relatively uninhabited until the Waldorf Astoria Hotel was constructed in 2023 and retains an untouched feel.

Explore uncharted waters

Platte Island is recognised as a pseudo-atoll because it lacks a lagoon, instead featuring a barrier reef that creates a lagoon-like environment on the western side of the atoll. The barrier reef stretches just over seven kilometres in length and is one kilometre wide, offering excellent wadeable flats. Additionally, the submerged reef area with scattered pancake flats is much larger, providing ideal conditions for hunting ambush predators. Platte is known for its healthy population of Indo-Pacific permit but also has bonefish, triggerfish, and GTs. There are flats accessible on all tides so there’s plenty of fishing throughout the day, whether you are wading or poling on a skiff. The reef’s topography provides excellent bluewater fishing with tuna, wahoo and sailfish all present in these waters.

A serene Seychelles sanctuary

The accommodation comprises 50 luxurious seaside rooms and villas. Each is a secluded tropical oasis with private pool, patio and laid-back décor. Guests can enjoy six restaurants offering everything from Creole-Latino dishes to Mediterranean cuisine. There are several and bars, a spa with six treatment rooms, a beauty salon, and a hammam. Additionally, there is a kids’ club, outdoor observatory, tennis courts, and a marine conservatory discovery centre.

The island’s pristine eco system serves as an important breeding and refuge area for birds and turtles alike. Brown noddies and white-tailed tropic birds nest here, while lesser noddies and bridled terns roost on the island at night. Hawksbill turtles are regular nesters, often wandering up to your doorstep. There is excellent diving and snorkelling along with chances to view dolphins, humpback whales and manta rays. Platte’s beauty and diverse marine life makes it a haven for nature enthusiasts, and kayaking or paddle boarding along the island’s edge during high tide offers a chance to witness the abundance of sea creatures that call Platte home.

Wonderfully remote yet easily accessible

The Waldorf Astoria Seychelles hotel is situated on Platte Island in the Indian Ocean, approximately 130 kilometres south of Mahé. With its own airstrip, guests can fly directly from Mahé’s domestic airport to the island in around 20 minutes. It’s proximity to Mahe makes it perfect for an add on four night/three day fishing experience as well as being a good choice for a longer stay destination.

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