Myrarkvisl – salmon and trout fishing, Iceland

Fly fishing in Iceland for brown trout and salmon

Mýrarkvísl is the lowest tributary of the Laxa I Adaldal on the north coast of Iceland and offers the perfect opportunity to have a private river system and lake for three to four rods combining brown trout, salmon and Arctic char. It is an intimate river holding a large head of brown trout along with a reasonable run of good sized salmon through the summer.

Combination salmon and trout fishing

Mýrarkvísl flows across the Reykjaheiði plateau for the first kilometre making it perfect for dry fly trout fishing. It is not unusual to catch 15-20 browns a day with an average size of two to three pounds. The river has a unique character and with such diversity of fishing there will always be something to entertain, whether casting a nymph or a dry fly on the upper section to a rising trout, or trying to winkle out a large salmon in the canyon pools.

Whilst there are trout spread along the entire length of the river, the majority inhabit the upper beats above the canyon stretch. They are free risers and very aggressive, actively hunting out any struggling insect. The trout in the lower section, although fewer, tend to be larger with fish of four and five pounds not uncommon.

As the season progresses into mid-June the first salmon begin to appear in the river. As they spread out through the system they can be targeted through the lower section and in the canyon. After the middle of July, the runs increase and you can expect all of the beats to start producing salmon. Mýrarkvísl shares its salmon with the well-known Laxa I Adaldal and these fish are often larger multi-sea wintered fish. The big powerful salmon offer an exciting prospect in the small clear river.

Fishing on the Langavatn Lake is also included. The lake holds a large stock of small Arctic char along with good sized brown trout. The fishing here offers a nice break from the river and both species can be targeted with traditional wet flies and dries fished on floating lines. Above the lake is a little river called Geitafellsá which flows through meadows just by the lodge before ending up in the lake.  It is not dissimilar to a small chalkstream and is best fished on calm warmer days when it is perfect for dry fly fishing.

The Mýrarkvísl Lodge, fully serviced or self-catering

The comfortable lodge in the middle part of the river comprises four double, en-suite bedrooms.

The lodge offers guests the option of full service or self-catered trips. The fully equipped kitchen will provide everything needed for travelling groups.

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