Goodnews River Lodge

outstanding fishing for all five species of Pacific salmon

Goodnews River Lodge offers outstanding fishing for all five species of Pacific salmon, as well as leopard rainbows, grayling and sea-run dolly varden.

one of the finest king salmon fisheries in Alaska 

Over 450 air miles due west of Anchorage in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, Goodnews River Lodge offers anglers inspiration, relaxation and terrific fishing. A private charter from Anchorage to Goodnews brings you to true Alaskan wilderness. A jet boat takes you up to the camp on the Goodnews River – a three-branch river system that courses through the 4.3 million-acre wildlife refuge.

Goodnews River Lodge has a reputation as one of the finest king salmon fisheries in Alaska. These huge fish up to 40lb or more will take a fly readily, and battles well over an hour are not uncommon. You will find all five of the Alaskan salmon species present during the season, some incredible rainbow trout, grayling and dolly varden, and the silver run has to be seen to be believed. Weighing-in at up to 20lb, silver or coho salmon are undoubtedly the hardest fighting of all Pacific salmon for their size.

There are three options for the fly fisherman in search of trophy fish: choose one of three river branches, fish the tidewaters, or wade the feeder streams. The lodge provides one guide per two anglers and generally a jet boat is used for access.

“A fantastic experience, thank you. Where better to catch my first coho on the fly! Looking forward to coming back.” B.C., Devon

a wilderness fishing camp

The lodge comprises a boathouse, dining hall, kitchen, loo and shower area, drying room and lodging for staff and guests. Goodnews River Lodge is completely self-sufficient. Ten guest cabins, constructed of special hi-tech weatherproof fabric designed to give protection in the extreme Arctic environment, sit close to the Goodnews River.

Each guest cabin is raised up on a wooden platform and features cross-ventilating windows, front porch for gear storage, carpeted hardwood floor, thermostatically-controlled propane heater, electric and gas lighting and padded cots sporting flannel sheets and thick duvet.

The food consists of freshly baked breads, soups and salads, and the main course is served with choice of seasonal vegetable. After dinner, guests enjoy a fancy dessert and relax while swapping fish tales of the “one that got away.” 

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