Country Haven Lodge

Cast for Trophy Atlantic Salmon in Canada

Ideally set in central New Brunswick, on 100 acres of private land, Country Haven offers direct access to the beautiful Miramichi where anglers can enjoy superb Atlantic salmon fishing with experienced guides.

Experienced Guides, Exceptional Fishing

Country Haven has 27 fishing pools accessible to guests, offering the greatest variety of private wild Atlantic salmon fishing pools in the province.  The lodge is located on the lower stretch of the Main Southwest Miramichi, just below Blackville which is famous as the most productive stretch of the entire river system. Many of the pools on the Miramichi are between 200 – 500 yards long, so they will take you a full session to fish. The Miramichi also offers good trout and striped bass fishing and these two species  are fished throughout the season. 

Visitors also have access to the Cains River, one of the principal tributaries and particularly known for its fall run. The guides at Country Haven are incredibly experienced, some of them being third generation river guides who have grown up along the Miramichi. There are seven major tributaries off the main river, each one providing a completely different fishing experience and environment to catch Atlantic salmon. Some are like Scottish rivers, meandering quietly through the trees and some carve their way through rocks and canyons. Fish of over 50lb have been landed recorded, so there are some very large fish in the system.

Comfortable Canadian Lodging

Country Haven Lodge is a typical Canadian cedar log lodge overlooking the river. Comprising five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a modern kitchen and dining area the lodge is a great base from which to explore all on offer here.  For those wanting a more intimate experience there are three cottages, one three bedroom and two with two bedrooms, a little further down the river. 

These can be catered from the lodge or privately. There are plenty of activities alongside fishing, including canoeing, kayaking to river boat cruises on the Miramichi River, whale watching on the Bay of Fundy, nature and wildlife tours, and cruises.

“Great trip, looking forward to next season.” N.F. – London

“I have fished in more than 30 different countries, and there’s nowhere friendlier to visiting anglers than Canada – the Miramichi system indisputably offers some of the finest salmon water in the world.” David Profumo

A hidden Gem

Country Haven Lodge is located on the southern bank of the Main Southwest Miramichi, five minutes from the small town of Blackville. The Miramichi River is one of the most famous rivers on the East Coast of Canada, and a hidden gem. The river watershed drains an area comprising one-quarter of New Brunswick’s territory, and the Miramichi tributaries support one of the largest populations of Atlantic salmon in North America.

The annual Atlantic salmon runs start in mid-June and continues through late October, when spawning commences in earnest. Distinct runs of salmon destined for specific tributaries occur at different times of the year, with those fish headed for the upper reaches of the watershed entering the river earlier than those spawning in the lower tributaries.

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