Estancia San Jose

Productive water on the middle reaches of the Rio Grande

Having served as a private residence in recent years, Estancia San Jose on the Rio Grande is now available to anglers wishing to fish some of the most productive waters on the middle reaches of this superb river.


Well rested pools, good access and easy wading 

Unlike most other lodges along the river that rotate fishing between left and right banks, San Jose offers uninterrupted access to 12 miles of the Rio Grande. A well-maintained road network runs along the river, allowing anglers good access to notable pools, with drive times from the lodge in the range of 15 to 30  minutes. The riverbed is primarily fine gravel which makes wading relatively easy. The weekly programme is designed to accommodate four anglers in single occupancy rooms to ensure every angler fishes well-rested water daily, this is particularly beneficial during periods of low water levels. The river here offers interesting twists and turns and well-known pools that hold fish throughout the season. Much of the water remains largely untouched, making it ideal for anglers who enjoy exploration. The lodge’s long term guides know where to find the fish and well prepared anglers can expect an average of one to three fish per session during the course of a six-day fishing week.

Lunch is typically served at the main house, but there is also a riverside cabin where anglers can enjoy lunch or a barbecue during their stay. The cabin also serves as a refuge for those seeking respite during the day.

Intimate lodge with lovely family-style atmosphere 

San Jose Lodge is a classically styled Patagonian farmhouse. The warm, welcoming atmosphere, and delicious chef-prepared cuisine paired with fine Argentine wines, provides an experience more akin to being guest at a friend’s holiday house rather than being a guest at a standard fishing lodge. There are five comfortable and spacious rooms with en-suite bathrooms and two inviting lounge rooms with fireplaces for guests to enjoy. Each room is thoughtfully furnished and well-appointed with every comfort in mind. Although San Jose is geared toward fly fishing, non-anglers looking to join their partners are always welcome to visit. The estancia is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the solitude and peace of ranch life in southern Argentine Patagonia.


Super lodge in a fine fishing destination 

San Jose Lodge is a 24,000-acre working estancia about an hour from the city of Rio Grande in Argentina’s southern most region of Tierra de Fuego. It is positioned just upstream from Aurelia Lodge, and the fishing extends all the way to the Chilean border, where Cameron Lodge takes over.

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