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As we approach the last week in August the rains have still not arrived in Iceland and many of the rivers are now crying out for water and showing their bones. There have been moments of summer showers but then the tap has been turned off again. We are now in the tricky situation of… Read More>>>

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Kendjam, Brazil, 2017 season fishing reports. Week 1; 23-30th July Kendjam, Brazil, 2017 season fishing reports. We are really glad to start our 2nd Fishing season at Kendjam Lodge, and mother nature blessed us with great weather, perfect water levels and excellent fishing. Our first week was a team of Russian and American anglers. The… Read More>>>

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The story from Iceland at the end of last week is still very much the same as previous – the country is waiting for rain. Many of the rivers are showing their bones a bit now which is slowing the fishing down considerably. Fish are still being caught which itself is extraordinary and rivers like… Read More>>>

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Last week Iceland continued to bask in the rays of the sun which has continued to drop the water levels. It seems whenever the UK is hit by rain Iceland steals our weather. Many of the rivers have continued to produce in these conditions which never ceases to amaze me. Talking to many of the… Read More>>>

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The weather in Iceland over the last week has been testing; blazing sunshine and temperatures pushing 30 degrees Celsius have slowed the pace of fishing down a little. Some of the northern rivers have struggled with this mini heat wave, but many of the West Coast Rivers have continued to produce good numbers of fish… Read More>>>