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St Brandon's atoll Mauritius Aardvark McLeod Golden Trevelly

St Brandon’s, a remote atoll, north of mainland Mauritius, remains one of the most pristine saltwater fisheries in the Indian Ocean.  With an unavoidably long journey to get there, what is it that makes it so special?  Easy. Extensive, white sand flats, variety and size. A shorter season brings fewer rods and less pressure to the atoll, its… Read More>>>

Alphonse Island Seychelles fishing Aardvark McLeod milkfish

Alphonse Fishing Company celebrated another remarkable year of fly fishing with 17,237 gamefish caught and safely released during the 2016 – 2017 season. Strict conservation ethics and alliances with the Alphonse Foundation and Island Conservation Society, closely monitor, preserve and protect the fisheries which we call home. A key factor is the south-easterly off season… Read More>>>

Bairs lodge, Bahamas, Aardvark McLeod

Are you thinking of fishing in the Bahamas? Two lodges that should be high on your list of considerations are Abaco and Bair’s lodges. Both have access to some of the best flats fishing in the Bahamas. And if wading is your thing, Bair’s Lodge is your place. The southern end of South Andros has… Read More>>>

Crooked Island, Bonefishing, The Bahamas, Saltwater fishing

The Bahamas has for a long time established itself as a leading bonefish destination, every cay, cove and channel seems to hold good numbers of bonefish ranging from large shoals of smaller fish to big single fish. There is, however, little focus placed upon the other species that live in these waters and swim side… Read More>>>

Alphonse Island Seychelles fishing Aardvark McLeod

When I first became a fishing agent back in 2000 it coincided with the opening of Alphonse island and what has become over the last two decades perhaps the most famous saltwater operation in the world. It was the very first saltwater destination that combined luxury accommodation with some of the most incredible flats fishing… Read More>>>