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Stop by Alistair Robjent’s tackle shop in the centre of Stockbridge any morning at the moment and along with all the other items of tackle that are being purchase and the general hubbub of fishing chat the one thing that most people leave the shop with are a handful of the famous or should that… Read More>>>

Private charter to Cuba, Aardvark McLeod

Cuba has always held massive appeal for those looking to escape to a Caribbean country that not only offers fantastic fishing for a myriad of species, but also an unique and interesting cultural identity. Indeed, the culture and history is worth visiting for in its own right with making a trip excluding at least a… Read More>>>

Iron Blue Dun © Cyril Bennett

Mayfly Time. If any of our upwinged flies could ever be described as pretty it surely must be the little Iron Blue that hatches in May and then again in September and October. Small but unmistakable, with dark inky blue wings and so often hatching during blustery rainy weather exactly like we are experiencing at… Read More>>>

Taimen Fishing, Mongolia, Aardvark McLeod

Continuing on the series of our top travel tips we have covered many useful points but here are my additions for your next trip abroad. 1. Do not be afraid to try something different Your first port of call whenever going to a new destination should be your guide, they know the water and the… Read More>>>

Brown Trout and Mayfly = Aardvark McLeod-Bill Latham

The first mayflies of 2017 have been putting in an appearance on the southern chalkstreams as the strong cold north easterly winds at the backend of last week have given way to warmer conditions over the weekend. On the river Test on Sunday I saw a good trickle of duns hatching mid-afternoon. The trout as… Read More>>>