With the sea trout season on the Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos well and truly wrapped up our thoughts turn to 2025. Looking this far forward may seem rather far ahead but to get rods on the best weeks now is the time to act. We have some wonderful availability on both rivers and any of these weeks would make the trip of a lifetime.

Please contact Olly Thompson or phone 01980 847 389 for more information.

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EL Rincon Lodge

If the idea of being able to catch both sea trout on the Rio Gallegos then huge resident brown trout on the lesser known Rio Penitente from one lodge appeals, then El Rincon is the one for you. It represents fantastic value for money and has great variety in the 30 kms of private and exclusive fishing it has access to.

The Rio Gallegos
The privately owned 20km double bank section of the Rio Gallegos is a short drive from the lodge. Many classic looking pools are found along this length, each holding good numbers of migrating sea trout. Brown trout are also present but efforts are usually concentrated on the sea trout.

The Rio Penitente
The 35 kilometres of the Rio Penitente owned by El Rincon is just a short distance from the lodge. As such, guests have the opportunity to pick up a rod and walk the few steps across the garden to try a few casts during their stay and at their leisure. At its normal level the Penitente is best fished with a single handed rod or a light switch rod.

The Penitente clears and returns to its normal height quickly after a spate. In normal conditions most of the Argentinian sea trout style rubber leg patterns work well as do more traditional nymphs. Dry flies can be used effectively in settled and lower water conditions, with streamer patterns often preferred in high water or in the numerous deep holes spread along river system.

(Saturday to Saturday) Availability is good for the 2025 season please contact us for dates
2025 Cost: US$4,800, single room

Excludes international or domestic flights, hotels in Buenos Aires or fishing licences which cost: US$150 and transfers to the lodge which cost US$50 each way.

Kau Tapen

Kau Tapen is one of the oldest and most comfortable lodges on the river. It is a superb property that has balanced character and comfort exceptionally well. Kau Tapen has ten en-suite rooms; some offer a king bed, while some have one queen, and others are furnished with two doubles. A large living room opens to views of the Menendez and Río Grande valleys and includes a roaring fire and a well-stocked bar.  

Kau Tapen has access to 16km of the Río Grande and much of the Río Menedez. As it is in the middle reaches of the Río Grande, Kau Tapen is ideally suited to anglers who enjoy technical fishing and smaller water. Although this part of the river can fish well all season long, it can be especially productive towards the latter half of the season when many of the fish have shifted upstream. More tracks have been created to allow for better access to the Menendez River in recent years. This is a wonderful river, and although smaller than the main Río Grande, the average size of the fish is very large. 

Kau Tapen 2025 availability (Saturday to Saturday)
January 18 – 25 US$14,950 – 4 rods
January 25 – February 1 US$14,950 – 6 rods
February 1 – 8 US$14,950 – 4 rods
February 8 – 15 US$14,950 – 4 rods
March 15 – 22 US$12,950 – 6 rods
March 22 – 29 US$12,950 – 6 rods

Excludes international or domestic flights, hotels in Buenos Aires or fishing licences which cost US$550

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Villa María

Villa María is the second of the Nervous Waters’ lodges to open on the Río Grande after Kau Tapen. Taking six rods, it offers small groups the opportunity to fish some of the productive pools in the lower river. The lodge is a renovated farmhouse within the working Jose Menendez estancia.  

The lodge features six en-suite rooms, smart furnishings, and spacious living areas. Each evening a roaring fire and well-stocked bar welcome you back from your day on the river. To maximise time on the water and allow for a proper rest after eating, guests have lunch and a siesta at the very comfortable riverside house rather than returning to the lodge.  

Villa María focuses on 15km of prime sea trout fishing on the lower Río Grande, allowing anglers to have the first crack at newly arrived sea trout entering the system. The lodge is ideal for anglers who enjoy the challenges of using two-handed rods. Villa María can offer superb fishing during the first half of the season when the fish are chrome silver and fight exceptionally well. 

Villa Maria 2025 availability (Friday to Friday)
January 3 – 10 US$12,950 – 6 rods
February 21 – 28 US$14,950 – 6 rods
February 28 – March 7 US$14,950 – 4 rods

Excludes international or domestic flights, hotels in Buenos Aires or fishing licences which cost: US$550

Estancia Maria Behety, Argentina, Aardvark McLeod

Estancia Maria Behety Lodge

While there are numerous excellent lodges spread throughout the length of the Rio Grande, Estancia Maria Behety remains one of the best options. The fact that over half the rods on most weeks are returning is a testament to this. Estancia Maria Behety Lodge sits on a promontory overlooking the Rio Grande. It has spectacular panoramic views of vast pampas and the remnants of the Andean cordillera framing the background. Located upstream from La Villa EMB is part of the same estancia owned by the Menedez family. It is the larger of the two lodges with eight double occupancy rooms that take twelve rods and a maximum of sixteen guests.  

Anglers at EMB Lodge rotate through the same water as La Villa, so they have access to over 100 wonderful pools, some of which are the most productive on the river. EMB Lodge offers the complete Rio Grande experience as during your stay there, you will cover a wide range of water types and fishing situations.  

The main room is timber-framed and features 20 foot plus high ceilings with banks of tall windows that allow light to flood the room. A roaring fireplace and several sitting areas provide the perfect place to relive the fishing of the day and relax with delicious appetizers and a cocktail. A full bar is well stocked with all the proper libations, including the finest Argentine wines and plenty of cold beer.   

Video on Olly’s trip to Estancia Maria Behety HERE

Estancia Maria Behety 2025 availability (Saturday to Saturday)
18 – 25 January, 2 rods US$8,500 per person
22 – 29 March, 7 rods US$9,500 per person

A single room upgrade is US$700, subject to availability

Excludes international or domestic flights, hotels in Buenos Aires or fishing licences which cost US$300

La Villa (Estancia Maria Behety)

Located downstream from Estancia Maria Behety La Villa is part of the same operation owned by the Menendez family. It remains one of the most historic and comfortable lodges on the river. All the rooms at La Villa are private, single occupancy rooms, elegantly decorated and with spacious private bathrooms. The lodge has the feel of a large and comfortable country house, although very much in an Argentine way. 

Anglers at La Villa rotate through the premier pools of the lower and middle beats of the river, which have historically been the most prolific. With access to more than 102 pools, the lodge can focus on the best water according to the current conditions. The huge variety of water that La Villa offers also means that rods get a wide-ranging experience of what the Rio Grande can offer. One day you could be fishing the upstream with single-handed rods and small flies and the next downstream with a larger two-handed rod. 

La Villa 2025 availability (Saturday to Saturday)
4 – 11 January, 3 rods US$8,500 per person
11 – 18 January, 2 rods US$9,000 per person
1 – 8 March, 1 rod US$10,500 per person
1 – 8 March, 1 rod US$10,500 per person
8 – 15 March, 2 rods US$10,500 per person
15 – 22 March, 4 rods US$10,000 per person
22 – 29 March, 3 rod US$9,500 per person

Excludes international or domestic flights, hotels in Buenos Aires or fishing licences which cost US$300

Estancia San Jose, Argentina, TDF, sea trout. Aardvark McLeod

Estancia San Jose

Having served as a private residence in recent years, Estancia San Jose on the Rio Grande is now available to anglers wishing to fish some of the most productive waters on the middle reaches of this superb river.

Unlike most other lodges along the river that rotate fishing between left and right banks, San Jose offers uninterrupted access to 12 miles of the Rio Grande. A well-maintained road network runs along the river, allowing anglers good access to notable pools, with drive times from the lodge in the range of 15 to 30  minutes. The riverbed is primarily fine gravel which makes wading relatively easy. The weekly programme is designed to accommodate four anglers in single occupancy rooms to ensure every angler fishes well-rested water daily, this is particularly beneficial during periods of low water levels. The river here offers interesting twists and turns and well-known pools that hold fish throughout the season. Much of the water remains largely untouched, making it ideal for anglers who enjoy exploration. The lodge’s long term guides know where to find the fish and well prepared anglers can expect an average of one to three fish per session during the course of a six-day fishing week.

(Saturday to Saturday)
2025 Cost: US$7,500 per person, single room
Excludes International and domestic flights, hotels in Buenos Aires, fishing licences which cost US$330, transfers Rio Grande/lodge $90 each way, gratuities

For more information please contact Olly Thompson or phone 01980 847 389

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